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Class cancelled - hard to stay on track!

My class is cancelled today as the snow is so bad round here - the things is, now I feel like it's a free for all for all things nice :cry:
I know it isn't but it is going to be so difficult to stay on track.
I wish the disruptive snow would go.
Think I may have to go and make a big pan of warming soup to stave off the cravings.

Anyone else struggling with missing class due to snow?
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The snow isn't too bad here so our class should still run. But my dilema is whether to go or not as they are having a 'swishing' party this week, where people sell their larger clothes & buy smaller ones, well there aren't many size 8's in my class so the likelihood of me finding a nice size 10 outfit are pretty slim.

So should I go just to get weighed or not, this row has been going on in my head since last Thursday, especially now I'm at target I really should be able to let go, but I feel if I don't go as you say it's a free for all.

All you can do is your best & keep on here so you don't give in. A big bowl of soup does sound yummy;)
I'd go and get weighed Michelle, even if you just go straight after. Do you have anything to sell even if you can't buy?

To be honest, even if our class was on I don't think I could get there as the snow is so bad.
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It's bad here too... Last night I nibbled on some pringles, because I told myself that I wasn't going to class, so had an extra day to be extra good.. but I'll find this week really hard. And those biscuits in the barrel.. something about snow always makes me crave real hot choc with biscuits...sigh.. some how options and a ginger nut don't cut it when it's this cold.

We CAN do this..... I think :rolleyes:


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With all this winter weather I'm stocking up on vegs to make as many nice warm soups as possible. Good luck on making wise choices this week :)
Green lemon tea also helps me a lot in relaxing and keeping me full for a little longer.


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Hi Jaylou! My class was cancelled this morning after a night of lightening storms and a whiteout. We can live out of the freezer, but the fruit is running short, and if we don't get out by saturday we shall be using old newspaper for toilet roll :eek: (I was going to do a big shop this week)


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Where abouts in lincs are you jaylou? Im in Scun-thorpe (wont let me write it properly lol) and we have it real bad too, my class isnt untill tomorrow but im really hoping it isnt cancelled...or i know im gonna be feeling just like you are now


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Im in Harrogate in North Yorkshire (near leeds ish) and im trying to find out if my class is cancelled!
not having much luck!

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So far I think I've done ok. I reduced the syns I had today to cover the pringles I'd had, and I'm having red/green days because I can't get out to get the 1/3 veg right now, I have SOME frozen veg, but if I use it as 1/3 every meal it would be gone very quickly. I am supposed to be having my parents come stay on saturday, and if they do, then hubby and I will get the bus to Sainsbury's, the car isn't going anywhere for the forseeable future :(
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Im struggling to stay on track a little too and Ive missed 2 classes! last week was my late finish at work so i couldnt get to class and this week has been cancelled due the snow closing the school that we use!!! i wouldnt mind but I joined 3 weeks ago so i havent had an official weigh in yuet!! x
Well I am very pleased to report that we had a class last night (so chuffed my consultant battled the snow to get there) and I lost 2lb over the last 2 weeks.
It's been tough but I'm pleased I managed to stay on track (ish)
Thanks all :) x


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Well i have failed miserably this last week while i have been stuck in! i even had a dominos pizza with cheesecake yesterday!!! I feel awful this morning and am determined to get back on track!! Im now sat munching a fruit salad and yogurt for my breakfast! Im certain ive oput all the weight on ive lost already so im gonna be back atg the begining. :(

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