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Coconut Flapjacks.....


Is Irrepressible!! : )
Right then, here is a mystery!

I know that the vast majority of peeps on this forum and probably the world absolutely hate the LT flapjacks but I have been having them for the past month or so and I have to say that the taste is improving!

I don't know whether it's because I am deluding myself or just the fact that this diet cleanses the palette thus making your tastes buds more sensitive- but recently the coconut fj's actually taste of coconut! No longer can I taste the weird marmitey flavour- just yummy, yummy coconut!

I am happy, happy, happy and I love the fjs! (ok, my escorts are here to take me back to the secure unit I escaped from :D)

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is loving the soup?!
Perhaps they've changed the recipe ; )
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lol -as long as they work for you! Its good they let you do Lt in the asylum :D


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You have lost the flamin plot!! :D


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My pharmacist let me try a small piece of both flavours today and I opted for the peanut and I have to say not as bad as I was thinking although clearly not a taste I would have ever associated with a traditional flapjack but hey ho....He tried a bit to as he said the company had made some changes not sure when he was referring to. I am just glad to have something a little different this week but he said no more than 3 a week.


Is Irrepressible!! : )
Ok, I am back after taking the medication and escaping once more!

Angie44 your pharmacist only said 3 per week? I have been having way more than that! Although last week was a low one for me, my previous weeks have been just as good as just having shakes! Mind you, I think once you have been on LT for a while perhaps its ok to have a few more.... although if Monday is another low one, perhaps I will change my mind!


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Evil things....EVIL!


is loving the soup?!
lol Sarah you're a loyal flapjack hater at least! : )
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I'll join you in the asylum then Medea coz I have a peanut flapjack everyday and quite enjoy it! It makes a savoury change from the shakes as I hate the soup and it is nice to be able to chew!

One week I only had shakes after I had a tooth out but didn't notice any difference in my losses to when I have a flapjack a day.

They don't taste anything like the flapjacks I make with the children but it doesn't bother me. Haven't tried the coconut one.

I tried a coconut flapjack for the first time last night. At first I thought it might grow on me but by the end of it I was almost gagging trying to get it down! I've still got a peanut one to get through but will need to build up my courage before I tackle it.

My pharmacist said one woman starts eating hers at 11am and finally finishes it at 1pm :eek:


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Hmm it may be an introductory thing then Medea I may check with lipotrim becuase mad as I may be I had the peanut one last night and it was a godsend...I took it with me to a small party at my friends house and when all the nibbles came out I opened it up broke small pieces off and nibbled on that with my glass of iced water..no bloody idea where that will power came from lol
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I am gonna have to try these for myself I think. I've got a feeling I may them though as I quite like all the shakes. May see if my pharmarcist will let me have a try first.

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