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I will be skinny again!!!
Nope! I lived on the stuff!!!

It really helped me through everything!!!!
The Pharmacy I attend recommends no more than 3-4 coffees a day. I think it was regarding water retention, but she told me this in the first couple of weeks so I cant really remember what facts she gave to me.


Slowly but surely!
I love my black coffee but I must admit if I have more than 4 cups Im climbing the walls lol


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I have about 5 cups a day, but I was thinking of alternating the cups with decaff. That way I still get my 'morning' loaded coffee but can ease off the caffeine a bit too throughout the day :)


Here we go again!
I have a couple of cups of decaff a day. Too much caffeine used to put my blood pressure through the roof, so I didn't get any caffeine withdrawal when I started this thankfully!
I can't 'do' black coffee, but I love putting a spoon of coffee in my vanilla shake - yum yum! Strangely, I've now 'gone off' peppermint tea, which used to be a life saver.
Have to say I'm not a big fan of coffee, just used to have a full-fat latte when at Lakeside sometimes....Loving the water, quaffing loads and the occasional peppermint tea. I think I might get headaches if I have caffeine.
Coffee is the only reason I have the energy to breathe somedays! If you want sweetner in it get the green ones (sweetex I think) As they don't taste chemically.

You can get peppermint tea from supermarkets, does anybody drink green tea? I have the Tetley green tea with lemon and I had the grapefruit and pineapple one at uni yesterday and it was very nice.

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