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Size 14 here i come!
Hi, you shouldn't be using your coffee intake as part of your water amount, sorry. 2 ltrs is the min amount aswell, so you're not flushing out the fat and ketones. Have you tried fizzy water?


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As far as I'm aware Shellie any fluids you take, coffee, tea, water, counts towards your 3-4 litres a day but do try and drink more water.

A diuretic means that it actually dehydrates you (people who retain water are given diuretic tablets from the doctor for instance), that's the caffiene in the coffee that does that. Tea has less caffiene, maybe you could swap to that if it's a hot drink you're after.

LT advise drinking 3 litres a day of water but to be honest I can't even manage that amount and rarely make it over 2 litres plus the odd cup of tea. I think the thinking behind it is that the more you drink the less your body will retain it so your losses will be a bit more stable and constant, as well as obviously the water being good for your health!!

It's a hard habit to get into. Prior to LT I didn't drink any water at all, ever! Now I drink fizzy water all day and even through those 5 weeks I came off track I still continued drinking just fizzy water so I guess I have a developed a new, healthy, habit!

Good luck hon, try your best and have a chat with the pharmacist on Wednesday when you get your first weigh in if you're unsure about anything.

I'm with Cookeh on this one as I also include my 3-4 cups of coffee into my water allowance and I also try and manage at least 2 litres of water a day. Mind you I never used to drink water before I started this diet so I've developed one healthy habit and fizzy water makes a change from still water.


Size 14 here i come!
If i were you i would double check with LT about coffee and tea being inclusive as i was told it wasn't by alot of LT users and also spottitchsam moved to CD because she was told it wasn't too and she couldn't manage the 2ltrs of just plain water. I hope i'm wrong, for your sake, don't mean to argue the point but def check it!
Diuretics are substances which causes the kidney to excrete water. generally used for treatment of hypertension or heart failure, and;
contrary to popular belief, caffeine does not act as a diuretic when consumed in moderation, and does not lead to dehydration or to a water-electrolyte imbalance; current evidence suggests that caffeinated beverages contribute to the body's daily fluid requirements no differently than pure water does.[27][28][29][30]

So there u go, it shouldnt cause u to lose too much water :)
There is something i was wondering about though, the pharmacist who was commencing me on the LT said that u could add the vanilla flavour LT shake to be used as a creamer in coffee. is that true?
the main reason as far as im concerned that the shake was recommended to be made in cold water is cos hot water can breakdown ur vitamins that might be in it. wouldnt adding it to boiling hot coffee do that??


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Thinking, that is an odd way to use the vanilla shake. Do you think he/she may have gotten confused and actually meant that you can use the whole shake as a creamy coffee i.e. by putting coffee into the vanilla shake.

Mind you, I am seeing the 'using it as a creamer' as spooning in a couple of spoons of vanilla shake into steaming coffee (like coffee compliment) which seems wrong.

I have put instant coffee into my vanilla shakes, but kept them cold.


No longer a redhead though!
Awe have a vanilla shake with a coffee chaser - more water taken in that way!


Size 14 here i come!
Just so you know you can have hot water with your shakes but you are not meant to put them in microwave to heat, get it out of kettle.hth

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