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Coke Zero question

Hi folks, I have only had a phone conversation with my cdc and I forgot to ask (sorry if im being totally ignorant :eek:) can someone tell me if you can drink this on ss? I want to start on ss but i love coke zero i have one can a day, i know all about the ketosis thing but surly this wouldnt take me out of the 'zone of ketosis' would it? :confused:
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hoping for a good loss
You aren't supposed to drink Coke at all hun. I loved Coke too but cut it out from day one and haven't looked back. Can't stand the taste of it now


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I think they officially say no to coke zero, but I drank it everyday when I was on CD, and it never affected me....not that I reccommend doing it, just telling you of my experience!:D

Cat Bee x
Uch well thats that then :wave_cry:

You would think that I am going to die shortly I am so dreading starting the diet, I have an appointment with my Dr next week to sign all the papers and I cant sleep for thinking about it :( how bad is SS, will i get used to it or is it hell on earth?


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Its tough, but once you see the weight come off, its all the motivation you need to keep going and once your in ketosis, the hunger should subside...good luck with it xx


hoping for a good loss
It is tough going, but the rewards are fantastic. Once you hit ketosis the hunger pangs will fade a lot and you will (hopfully) have more energy and feel a lot better in yourself.

My weight losses are quite slow, but then I am not 100% all the time. Is emotionally hard, but so worth it

Charlie x


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Oh and I meant to say in my first post, Im at goal and have been maintaining for over six months or so...so coke zero cant be that bad on CD x
i have pepsi max here snd there and it has not affected my loss infact i have lost more weigh since i started drinking it again ! Make sure you are past week 1 before you have any though as it may be harder otherwise


Loves Minimins long time
I have Coke Zero but I'm sure others will tell you not too. My CDC says it doesn't knock you out of ketosis. And SS if you are really, really committed to it is not as bad as I thought it would be. Apart from constantly fantasising about food ;) xx
Its not bad at all! Sure the first few days can be tough but it does get easier. Don't go into thinking its going to be bad, be positive, you've made the decision to do it and its the right decision. You will feel great once you've had your first weigh in. I really enjoy it.


please try again
if you go into this thinking negativly about the journey and what you cant have you will fight against it and make it harder on yourself
insted embrace the changes, think about what ever makes you happy, the clothes you will wear at goal, the things you will do, now good your feeling etc

CD is a hard diet but the results are soooooo worth it! :D

A while back i believe Zero Coke was allowed in small quantites but i think they removed it from the allowed list as it was said it caused hunger bangs. I might be wrong but i am sure that what i read on here last year.

I too love my diet and zero coke and will miss it more then i miss food but luckily i like water so i dont think i will drink it whilst on S/S
Hi Angel_Mousse

I use to be THE biggest coke fiend (full fat stuff too!!!) and would drink a minimum of 2 litres of full fat pop a day as I don't drink tea, coffee, milk or water... That was until I started CD - I haven't touched it since and can honestly say after the first 2 weeks I haven't missed it at all. To me CD was about changing my entire diet and part of that was saying goodbye to pop. I now drink water with the summer berry flavouring - it's loads nicer than fizzy pop

Good Luck on whatever you decide


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