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Cambridge dosnt recommend it but 1 can of coke zero a day will be ok. Stick to water if you can.


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I had coke zero 1x during my CD-diet journey. I wouldn't advice you have it as it made me sick (seriously). Nearly threw up and was very queasy all day. I had it on my birthday as a treat. I will not éeeeever be doing that again!

Though some people have no problems with it, others do.. so choose wisely!

Good luck,



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Before CD i drank very little coffee or tea and no water at all. I have, for years, drunk several cans of diet coke everyday so when i started i really struggled but managed for a few weeks then drunk it again. I'm on SS and a diet coke per day is what is keeping me sane (that and my discovery yesterday of how to make crisps from savoury packs!). I know its not recommended now but last year you were allowed two cans per day. But like the other posts, be careful just incase it makes you ill.


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Thats great, thanks everyone for your replies.

I'll maybe try a small glass with my soup tonight...:D



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As others have said, coke zero isn't 'allowed' on Cambridge. It can lead to cravings, and can also slow weight loss.

Cambridge have never said you can have 2 cans a day, but one small can if necessary was allowed for a very short time.

It was removed from the book asap ;)

There are a few people that don't have a problem.

So I guess, if you must, but with caution :)