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Since I started LT 4 weeks ago, I can't remember being warm :gen125::gen125::gen125:, especially my hands and feet just can't warm up. I've got 2 extra heaters on full blower in my office plus a heavy jumper and i'm still cold.:sigh::sigh:

Is it the same story with all LTers?? tell us all about it!!
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Absolutely!! Before I started LT, I was having the dreaded hot flushes all the time.
Now I'm always freezing!! :gen125::gen125:
Last night I sat on the sofa with a furry blanket over me having my hot choc shake and the central heating on.
Then, when I went to bed I had a hottie for my feet and put the hairdryer on hot through a little gap in the duvet to warm the bed before I got in!!
Still, the colder we feel, the more calories we're burning !


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Yes always much so i wear lots of extra layers some days,im surprised anyone can tell ive lost weight!!! plus i have electric blanket on at bedtime hot water bottle & i wear a pair of socks & a jumper to bed most nights...much to the annoyance of :rotflmao: Caz xx


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Yes always cold it was that bad a few weeks ago I had 2 pairs of pjs on and 2 quilts OH thought I had lost the plot lol


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Been cold off and on for 8 months, found the only cure was to have a hot bath or shower, had feet on the radiator most nights
Hoping now starting refeed will get warmer


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I FEEL COLD ALL THE TIME! before my hands and feet were always warm but now nothing in the world will warm them!.... brrrrrr


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yep same for CD as well. I have hot baths or sit with a hot water bottle with the radiators cranked up


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I've always been cold, even before LT. At least now i'm on LT i have a reason for it! :p


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freezing my fingers are actual numb! im close to quitting this time:wave_cry:

lite at end of tunnel

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yeh real passion killers at the mo:8855::8855:,but the sex kitten is weighting(mind the pun)in the wings.x:D :D


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Hi everybody
Just wanted u to know your threads have inspired me. Did Lighter life and lost 5 stone. Put three back on (slowly). Have deceided to try Lipotrim, starting today !!


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Cold? You're not kidding!! I don't think I have ever felt so cold in my life since I started this. They are all laughing at me in work as I am the one that normally opens all the windows and wears sleeveless tops. These days I am muffled up to the nines.:23::23::23:


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yep being cold is one of those things that come with the territory!!