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Hi EB -
I don't like talking about it except with people I really like so I hate that everyone is talking about it. I down play my loss "just a few pounds"!
Too funny, I downplay my weightloss ALL the time, because I don't look my real weight and I don't want people to add up the total sum in the end and be like "whaaat?" - If that makes sense, so when anyone asks, I always say, oh, not all, just 5-10 pounds, nothing much! I especially hate it when they say it with other people around because a) it's personal and b) you'll be the talk as soon as you leave!

In relation to the bleeding a doctor once told me that fat stores a lot of oestragen and as you burn up fat it releases the hormone into your blood stream which can then mess up your cycle. So take it as a good sign that you are burning that fat!!
Elsa is right, my Dr said that too. As a matter of fact, the fat cells trap estrogen and a bunch of other nasty crap - which is conducive to all sorts of diseases etc (read CANCER in between the lines). I remember when he said that, he scared me to no end... but that didn't stop me from regaining!

I'm not going to say don't worry about the stone gained because it's probably burning your brain as we speak. I'd be fuming too! I mean all this hard work to say "oh don't worry it'll even out...:eek:" - just stay off the scales for a little while, maybe until your period ends - continue what you're doing and drink yar water!
Take care x
Hey EB :) , hope your weekend has started off well hun. What day do you weigh ? Thought maybe your consultant could give you some idea about the weightgain. I hope everything worksout ok for you, you've worked so hard, I'm sure you'll be back on that weightloss train very soon.

Kay xx
Lovely ladies, sorry for my delayed responses - its been quite a week! Thanks for all the advice re random TOTM- it is still on going but I'm taking your advice and thinking of it as fat burning ;).

So on with my story...

Day 19 - Thursday 4th Feb

Weigh day....blurgh. I am up early and decide to give myself a much needed helping hand and wear leggings instead of jeans!!! It is shockingly good news with a sudden 3 lb loss. I nearly fall of the scales. I talk to my consultant about the bleeding and bloating and she just says pretty much what you all have said, it does happen and to take weight losses over a month as water retention can effect individual weeks. I am reasonably happy with 3lbs (always wanting more!!)

After weigh in I head to my sisters to look after my little nephew. I make my choc mint shake for breakfast and he wants one so we make him a Cadbury's chocolate shake, was so cute. Later I head out with my sister and take my Oriental soup in my shaker to drink in the car. As is becoming usual I arrive at the shops busting for the loo. I have to leave my sister to get everything out of the car and leg it in to M&S just in time to prevent an embarrassing accident!

I had no intention of buying anything but while we were out I saw a pale brown spotty dress in Outfit which I loved. Perfect for a holiday (and I go on mine 8 weeks tomorrow!). With my sisters encouragement I buy the dress in a size 18 hoping I will have slimmed in to it by holiday. We head home and I try it on and IT ALREADY FITS. I do some serious prancing in front of the mirror. Take some photo's for My CWP & ME app. I mean don't get me wrong - with a few more pounds off around the tummy it will look even better but I feel a bit like I am starting to look like the old me.

I have a quick chocolate shake and then try a cranberry bar for the first time (okay, clearly I am losing it as I think this tastes quite a lot like s strawberry cream Quality Street nom nom nom!). What a difference a day makes, I skip to bed excited for another Cambridge week ahead. There will be no peaking at the scales this week.....

Day 20 - Friday 5th Feb

Up at 5 and back to work today. Such a busy day, I have a choc mint shake for breakfast when I first get in to work and then a chicken and mushroom soup around 2 for lunch. I don't stop all day. My shaker tastes of yesterdays oriental soup and all my packs have a hint of oriental spice to them...yuck! I am just not hungry at all and weirdly have very little interest in food - its great! I am home by 7 and have a chocolate shake hot (still a bit weird - probably won't do this again) and a peanut bar. Today is an easy day and I drink a good 3L of water. I am on call and no sooner do I get in to bed than the calls start and just don't stop all bleedin night.

Day 21 - Saturday 6th Feb

I have been up all night but around 4:30 I get up and head in to work. I have a shake as soon as I arrive and then never stop for a minute until 12:00. I've drunk no water so I try to start catching up but cautiously as I just don't have time to keep running to the loo. I arrive home around 3, exhausted all I want is my bed I have a quick shake and then get in to bed but before I can even fall asleep the calls start again. My job can be so stressful. I love my patients and I feel sick when things don't go how we want them to. I spend the afternoon pacing the floor and praying for good news for one of them. Eventually I get the news I was waiting for and I feel able to eat, I just have a bar and then go to bed. I've managed just less than 2L of water and only 3 packs. I get intermittent calls through out the night and generally feel very emotional, anxious and exhausted.

Day 22- Sunday 7th Feb

I finally hand over the on call this morning - hoooray! I turn off every device connecting me to the outside world and go to sleep. Then I wake up and watch Silent Witness while drinking a Choc mint shake. I feel much better. I pop out to Tesco's and when I am back have an Oriental soup for dinner around 7. I have a nice long shower and feel human again. The boyf is cooking and I sit with him and drink my soup and I don't care a bit. I pay off the balance on our luxury rental car for holiday eeeekkkk. I have a peanut bar and water in bad and an early night. Still not perfect today, 3 packs and 2.5L of water but I feel proud of myself for sticking with it.

EB xx
Wow EB, your life sounds quite every bit as stressful as mine, except you have people to care of who really need it, I have idiots who can't be responsible if their life depended on it!
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woohoo - some good losses this week. I hope I'm the next one but I've got wait til Friday.
EB ! :D So good to see you back ! Congratulations on a super loss hun ! :winner::0clapper:, really really happy for you. I'm glad its all going in the right direction. TOTM is a pain and messes with a lot of us, but glad your body's adjusted and your back on that losing train :) . Just caught up on your diary, I love the way you write, you make everything sound so interesting :D . I hope your week has started off well, looking forward to reading more of EB's adventures :p .

Kay xx
...pops head in to read - day 23 :peep:, nope she's not here yet. Am I going too fast for ya ? :p Missing u EB, hope to see you posting soon. ;)

Kay xx
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Oh Kay, lol, it really must be my writing style as I can assure you my life is very mundane!!! One of my colleagues asked me what I am giving up for lent. I said I gave it all up already - the only thing I have left to give up is early nights!!!!

Enlighten, whilst my patients do really need me and I love every single one of them, I couldn't put my hand on my heart and swear none of them are idiots....

So on with my little story...

Day 23- Monday 8th Feb.

Day off today and I feel I need it. I get up at 9 and make a choc mint shake and then lounge around for the morning, around 12:00 I make up a spicy oriental soup and take it out with me. I also cut up a peanut bar in to pieces and put it in the freezer for later.

I've decided its time for a little pamper session and I pop in to town and get my eyebrows waxed and a nice mini manicure. I meet a friend for a catch up and have just a cup of tea with a splash of skimmed milk, giving away the mini biscuit that came with it and I feel okay about it.

On the way home I have to stop at the Royal Mail sorting office because our holiday ticekts were taken there when we weren't in to sign for them. We have only recently moved over to this side of town and I have never been to this office before so spend about 20 minutes driving up and down the same street using my sat nav to try and locate it. When I finally realise that its been right in front of me all the time I also realise that its double yellow lines and I have to park on a little side street. Anyways it was dark and it wasn't the nicest of areas so I rushed along got my letter and was walking back to the car when my movements turned on a security light, scaring the bejesus out of me and evidently disturbing a group of boys up to no good in the shadows (truth be told they were probably doing nothing worse than having a sneaky fag but it was dark and I have a very healthy imagination) anyway long and short was I got some much needed exercise as I pegged it back to the car at break neck speed like my life depended on it.

Home I get my peanut bar pieces out of the freezer and I think they are yummy like this. I enjoy them with some water. A little later I have a chocolate shake and then head early to bed.

Day 24 - Tuesday 9th Feb

Back to work today so up at 5 and in to work for a mint shake. I keep busy but feel oddly hungry and have my soup at 12:00 on the dot, another spicy oriental. Still can't shake the hunger so around 4 I have a chocolate Tetra which I don't really like but in fairness it has gone a bit warm in my bag. Fed up with work I sneak out early, leaving approximately 5 minutes after my boss does! As soon as I get home I cut up a lemon bar and put it in the freezer once I am out of the shower I get in to bed with my bar and a book. Somehow not the best day.

Day 25 - Wednesday 10th Feb

More work today and another 05:00 start and another chocolate mint shake. Busy, busy, busy until a quick chicken and mushroom soup for lunch (yummy it was) and then busy right through till 7pm. I drink a banana tetra before leaving work and it doesn't taste nice at all, maybe because I had let it get warm. On call again tonight! Once home I cut up a peanut bar and stick it in the freezer and have a shower before eating it. I am up 3 times over night with calls but do manage a bit of sleep.

Day 26 - Thursday 11th Feb

Work again. Up at 05:00 and a choc mint shake at work. Vegetable soup for lunch - it used to be my favourite but today it makes me gag and I just can't drink it. I don't know maybe its because its gone a bit cold. I leave work at 4 ready for my weigh in and its 2 lbs off. Its okay, blah I would have liked 3 (okay Enlighten your right, I would have liked 5 lol). It's okay though because it is an evening weigh in so I decide it must be like at least 1 lb water and as I weigh in the morning next week I should see it then.

I talk to my consultant about changing to SS+ as I am getting a bit bored with the packs. She tells me that SS+ is only about 50 kcals more than SS and will have a very minimal effect on my weight loss. She says I can switch freely between the two plans, having four packs one day and 3 and a 200 kcal meal the next. I think I will have some prawns this weekend - eeeeeeek exciting lol!

Once I get home I have a lemon bar and go to bed - feeling a little bit down tonight.

Onwards and upwards to week 4. I hearby solemnly swear I will drink 3L of water every day, do a little exercise every day and eat 4 packs and next week I WILL loose 4lbs. Watch this space.

EB x
EB - 2lbs is GREAT! I would love 2lbs. Actually I feel guilty reading your blog as I was just moaning about a 7.30am start in mine and I sit around all day on my bum in meetings or on my computer reading reports!!
Hey EB - 2 pounds off for me as well and it sucks! Hope your weekend went well, you must be busy. Did you celebrate Valentine's?
I did, and I'm proud to say I stayed on plan... first time EVER!
Eeeeek, Its been so long since I logged on - booooo - life has been in the way of diary writing and now I look back I can't actually remember the last couple of weeks which have passed in a blur, It is a bit of a shame as I really wanted this diary to be there for me to read and remind myself of the journey.

Anyways... following weeks three totes average 2lbs loss I had a SS+ dinner, prawns, spring onions, tender stem broccoli and rocket. Oh My Days! It was like I'd never tasted broccoli before. The next day I had chicken...AMAZING. The plan had been to stick with SS on work days and go to SS+ on days off. Following those dinners that plan went directly out the window. That tiny little dinner keeps me sane and it makes the diet so much more achievable. So the new plan was choc mint shake for breakfast, soup for lunch, SS+ meal for dinner and a bar before bed. And the week flew by. The constant light TOTM I had since the end of week one stopped and I just felt like it was do-able.
Roll on weigh day and I lost....................6 mother freaking pounds :banana_dancer::banana_dancer::banana_dancer:. Now that is the kind of loss I am talking about.

On to week 5 and I continued my little regime until work went nuts, and I ended up working from Sunday morning - Wednesday evening with something like 4 hours sleep a night and just constant calls. So I didn't cheat but I didn't stick to the plan on a couple of days I managed only 2 packs and a meal and on one particularly shocking day I only did 2 packs and a maybe 1.5L of water. What can I say..I genuinely never stopped long enough and when I got home at 11;30 the last thing I wanted was food. And so you'll be surprised to hear that little run ended in a viral throat infection and feeling like poop. So Wednesday evening I was run down, tired and blurgh. And so I ate some extra chicken in with my dinner as I figured I needed the protein (that's my excuse and I am sticking to it). Thursdays weigh in produced a predictable 2lb loss, although really it was closer to 1lb as the consultant always rounds down but I was.8oz so pretty much a pound loss. MEH. I was honest and confessed my sins to my consultant and I promised to be better this week...

And here we are week 6, I have spent the early part of this week pissed off, poorly and hungry but somehow I managed to stick to plan (except for Saturday when I ate a double portion of prawns for dinner (seriously....if I told you what I wanted to eat you would agree that is a win!)). I felt really fat and bloated and just like I've come to a stand still. But then I read something online, a lady saying her fat was all soft and there was some science to say that's what happens to it before it leaves the body and I gave mine a little squeeze and I was like hmmmmm that feels a bit soft and then I started weeing, like waaaay more than I'm drinking and then all of sudden my dressing gown wraps right round me like it is supposed to. So yeah I am wondering if I have had a little inch loss this week....I think I will ask to be measure on Thursday and find out.

So with 31 days to go to my holiday I will be strong and I will not give up. Size 18's are my goal and I am in them and done up, just sitting down is not all that comfortable. Really hoping I can get there.

Off to catch up on all your diaries now xxxx
Wow you're doing so well! I have to say the weeks where I'm busy and a meal or 2 falls on the wayside is the week i lose the least - like my body holds on to everything for dear life!
Well I'm just glad it's being busy that's kept you away and nothing else! Glad to have you back

From your description I am also reminded why I don't want to add a meal to my VLCD... the first week goes ok, then I start adding more protein than I should, then a little more veggies, and pretty soon the wagon has left me at the station!
Congrats - it just shows how different everyone is. I've dropped back from Step 2 and now do SS+. 4 packs a day most of the time and 3 packs and a small meal on Weds nights and weekends. That seems to be working better for me and I really enjoy my weekend food and it prevents the regular creep of additional food when you do it every day (I know what you mean Enlighten). I'm still not losing as fast as when I stuck solely to packs but it makes it easier to follow and more enjoyable and I'm willing to take the slower loss at the moment. Good Luck with it all