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Cold feet??


I will be skinny again!!!
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Hiya Tonya...

Get used to the coldness... it stays!!!

And everyone is different to get into ketosis... It usually happens around day 5 but could be sooner... could be later!!

Good luck chick :D
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:DOops! forgot to answer the initial question!!.......:sigh: I used to always be hot prior to lipotrim, infact, my husband used to use me as a radiator in bed! Now, he wont let me near him coz I am always freezing lol!! I even bought myself a special red blanket as a treat to snuggle under in the evening!
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I am freezing sitting here, the heating is on and i have two fleece blankets wrapped round my legs but my feet are still cold. This is what i was dreading, I will have to wear my long pjs and dressing gown to bed to keep warm, oh and my bed socks lol.
Clodness is a side effect and as far as i aware most people have been cold whilst on lipotrim.
Wrap up hun


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The breath is the worst thing about ketosis. I'm sure that brushing my teeth all the time is not good for ketosis, but I cannot help it. Everyone says to drink more water....but I honestly couldn't handle drinking more.

My feet are freezing too....Lovely socks and my 'snuggle' blanket sort that out!!
Hiya Tonya...you're not abnormal, am freezing tooandit gets worse. I'm sat here with the heating on,pj's, dressing gown and ski socks...sexy I'm not.
Not long been back from hospital,feeling a lil sore and tired,but tryin to catch up on my water and shakes. I've been on a drip today so hope it hasnt affected ketotis...
They wouldn't discharge me from hosp until I had eaten something. So I told them I was vegan and a very fussy eater and I will have my lentil bake when I get home. As I had drunk the jug of water they let me go. I was starving, thankfully Mark brought my shaker and choc lipo, which I devoured in the car on the way home. mmmmm


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I have constantly been cold since on LT too. I personally don't think i went into ketosis until around day 5 and after day 6/7 the hunger subsided for me. x
yep my feet are cold all the time i love my hot water bottle
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was always cold with it lol


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I'm always freezing before and during LT. Having bad blood circulation makes it even colder. You should have seen my feet last night, they were literally blue.

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