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cold - help pls

i'm freezing. i'm sat on the floor next to the radiator with a blanket on me and i'm wearing 3 layers the top of which is a gap fleece and i've the hood pulled over my head. i'm seriously going to have to buy some thermals. my legs feel sore they're that cold. the temp outside is -7 deg c.

how do you keep warm?
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I've taken to wearing 80 denier opaque tights under my trousers and also make sure your feet are warm. If your feet are cold then you will feel colder. Put a hat on in you have one too as you lose heat from the top of your head.
if i could sit in the oven i would i'm that cold. i've taken to wearing my dressing gown to bed too. brrr

i've got my slippers on. blanket over. even radiator isn't burning me.
oh dear... you might be coming down with something hon
been this way for just under a week. have got a slight cold but it's nothing bad. the only time i've been warm is when i've had the heating on all day and night continuously.
Oh you poor thing

Found this "This is almost certainly due to a reduced thermogenic response to a reduced food intake. Large meals cause the body to generate a lot of body heat, while smaller meals produce less heat. Individuals differ widely in their thermogenic response. Your hands and feet may feel particularly cold – this is a normal response of the body to try to save heat and energy. For those that are affected, the cold feeling is due to the very small number of calories on the VLCD. Other factors that influence body heat production include the slight reduction in metabolic rate which always happens during weight loss, and of course the loss of insulating fat! Those who are sensitive to the cold need to move around more and wrap up warmly – many light layers are more effective than a single heavy layer. "

Might be an idea to have an extra pack for the next couple of days while it's so cold?
i still have 1 left but cant be bothered to go make it as it'll mean leaving my beloved radiator. :( hope i burn more cals by shivering :)
run up and down the stairs a few times?


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I find a hot bath does it for me! N I get so cold on top of cd n ketosis I have some prob with my circulation...... A shower doesn't work but a long soak in a very hot bath sorts me out for the evening
only just starting to thaw. dog came over and sat with me, think she felt sorry lol. i need to buy a hot water bottle. i've always been a cold person but i just can't believe how cold i am. when i was feeding dude i used to get circulation problems, i'd go blue :) think i've got circulation problems in general. i'm sure if i look at my legs, from the pain, they'd be blue. they just feel sore like i've got frost bite.
try a brisk walk or running (on the spot or up and down stairs). I know its difficult when you are really cold but its worked for me this week - had no heating downstairs and it was bitter - did 10 mins jogging around like an idiot and felt lovely and warn after - even my fingers and toes.

Hope you warm through soon

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