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Hiya! Right this is pretty random and I hope I will be posting in the correct part of the forum. I currently rent a two bedroom flat in the middle of a town centre and its beautiful. It has high cellings and loads of space and we can't wait to get sorted out and put our own stamp on it (nothing major just a bit of new furniture, wall art, a few shelves) which has all been approved by our landlords. Problem is, It has three really high sash windows and as pretty as they look and as great as it is to actually have some light in and be able to see the goings on in our little town its bloody noisy and the wind thats coming thru is rediculous! I'm sat here shivvering right now and all my radiators are on the outside wall under the windows and I have them on high but it seems to me the heats going out the window! I have recently bought some thick curtains but to get the heat I gotta tuck them behind the radiator.

Anyways my point to my rambling is.. can I ask my landlords to get new windows or is there something else I can do? Im so cold and my hands are freezing. It's the only thing thats making my bf and I consider moving when our tenancy is up in July.

Any help or suggestions would be great.

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Hi Gaga, I have great sympathy for you as I once lived in such a place as well.. and yes! they are blinkin' draughty! You could ask your landlord but I doubt very much whether you will be successful in getting new ones as they most probably are in the mode of the actual building and if you only have till July I think he wouldn't want to know anyway.
What I did was line the whole window with a clear polystyrene so it makes a complete wind break. Usually with the high ceilings there is enough air circulating not to have to open any windows. Be careful that you do not damage the window frame by using tacks or the like, a good strong ordinary glue should suffice.

Hope that helps.