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Back on the wagon!
yes sounds like it! its one of the immediate side effects.....a hot cuppa black tea or coffee and an extra jumper and you will be fine.....sit back and see the fat melt away!!!
its also -5 outside, even with the heating on I can feel the cold bbrrrrrrrrrr!
I am cold 24 hrs a day, however I do not follow that plan, but I can relate to brrrr cold!
I've gone from the t-shirt in winter queen to the four layers plus queen. Today at work I had a vest, top, bodywarmer and a cardigan! Our office is very warm anyway and it's causing ructions with some of the "ladies of a certain age" because they want the air-con switched on. Luckily, most of the staff are skinny minnies who need the heating on. Although I might be considered "of a certain age" myself, I've been freezing ever since I started this diet.
im cold all the time hhaha mu fingers are always like ice


Losing the baby fat
it's winter - when you lose weight you do feel the cold more - might also mean your diet is making you cold

i can relate to feeling cold too for the first 2 reasons. I used to wear a vest and shorts in winter in the house, now I am thinking of investing in some thermal long johns and a vest!
i suppose if you see this question in the summer then it'll mean its the diet (if we get a summer!!!!)
I think I will have to lose more weight now just so I can look slim once I have my bra, vest, tshirt, 3 jumpers, body warmer, coat, scarf and gloves on and thats just when I'm sat in the front room watching tv...:rolleyes:
I feel the cold at the best of times but even more so since I started back on LT - have that many layers on I can barely move ;)

and as mentioned, my lips are very dry and sore at the minute
I'm on the LL programme but very similar... I used to be so hot all the time but now I go to work and I end up leaving coat and scarf on while i work! I work in a pharmacy so it's not like it's outdoors or anything!! One day I was dispensing with my gloves on I was that cold!:eek:


Losing the baby fat
:wow:just been on your sight showing your pics they're fab wish I looked that good at 12 4 being only 5'3 I must just be undertall thanks for sharing.......:)
Thanks jojo. There is a saying 'I am not fat, I am undertall' so might be true ;) I should just be 6ft.
that was always my probelm, being under tall - yep it was my height, nothing to do with my weight :rolleyes: :(:D
My feet are always freezing even though I wear two pairs of socks and my slippers in the house, its even got to the point were I have to wear bed socks in bed now, my OH laughs at me about it....but id rather be cold and lose my weight xxx

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