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Colitis problem

Hi all just after some advice really, been struggling last few days, I suffer with colitis and since day one have been having diahorrea everyday but it's steadily got worse now it's halfway through week two and having it 3-5 times a day! :-( feeling absolutely out of it and exhausted! Even put wrong petrol in car yesterday! Not like me atall just dont hav energy to think straight! Keep waiting for ketosis energy burst to kick in! don't want to speak to my specialist as am supposed to avoid flareups at all cost so know his advice will be to stop if he thinks packs are causing it. Has anyone else had experience of this? Any advice? X
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I had runny tummy the first week and it started going away week 2. In week 4 or 5 I bought the Orange water flavour and it gives me runny tummy.
I do not have colitis but my tummy took a couple of weeks to settle down, if you know what I mean. A lot of people say the water flavourings give them runny tummy's x
Aww I'm so sorry to hear that you've been feeling so bad L2L! :(

I must admit that I still have a runny tum a reasonable amount of the time but it has definitely gotten better in terms of how often I am going to the bathroom. I am not sure I can give you any good advice with regards to how to deal with this alongside colitis though. How are things now? Any better? :hug99:
Hi all thanks for your replies :)

Sorry I haven't been able to come on this last week. After last post unfortunately tummy got much worse and doc ended up sending me for emergency colonoscopy as had started to lose blood. All ok but am just experiencing a bad flare up. On docs advice came off program to let everything settle down so have only lost 2lb this week. Have been given some new meds and after long talks about best plan of action have now restarted but am sticking to one flavour to begin with and slowly trying one different pack per day so I can find out triggers and avoid them. Really hoping the new meds work and dont interfere with ketosis so I can begin to feel better and get on track!

Hope everyone has had better week than me and are all doing well! Take care x
Hi Lots2lose, so glad to hear that you have seen the doctor and things are under control. Your health is the most important thing.
Thanks eatlikeabird!

It wasn't an easy decision deciding to get back on the programme but I'm hoping the long term health benefits of losing weight will outweigh the short term problems it may give me x
Great to hear that you are still able to continue on the program L2L, even if it is in a more controlled manner... what a week you've had! Yikes! (Yet you're still 2lbs lighter yay ;))

Will be keeping an eye out for your next post and wishing you all the best in the meantime! :hug99:

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Hey Lots2lose...

Sorry hunny, only just seen this thread as don't come on here as often as I used to...

I have suffered from Ulcerative Colitis for about 20 years, so symapthise a lot! A couple of things... firstly, avoid the water flavourings! They have a lot of fruit fibre in and I found they made me flare up really badly... As soon as I cut them out, it make a world of difference. I would also avoid the shepherds pie and the Chilli Con Carne packs... they did me no favours at all! ;)

Also, the plan did mess with my 'bowels' a little the first few months still, but slowly got better and better. I got to my goal about 10 weeks ago, and have been on RTM for 11 weeks now... (about to embark on my 12th and final week)... and I have absolutely no symptoms of Colitis at all!! In fact, I am off all my medication, and am able to eat all fruits & veg, and all the fibrous things which were always such a problem in the past. It's amazing and a side effect of doing LL which had never even occurred to me might happen! :)

I think it is down to 2 things:

1) By having just packs for 6 months, my insides were finally given a chance to properly heal, as digesting and 'passing through' the basic ingredients in the packs was just what it needed. A proper break from everything!

2) Losing the 5 stone! I'd been told that being over weight can make colitis symptoms much worse, but honestly never expected to see such a change in 9 short months.

So... all I can say is hang in there, and yes, introduce the different packs again slowly, and listen to your body, just like you are. It may take a little while, but I'd say about 3 months in, I saw improvements. This plan is going to change your life... It has mine... I never thought I'd be able to snack on an apple, or have a big bowl of salad... yet here I am, slim, maintaining, and living on fresh fruit and veg... and this will be you too! :D

If you'd like to chat further, feel free to PM me any time... ( I think you can do this once you've got a post count of 50 or more) :)

Thanks autumn leaves, lovely to have encourgement and support!

Hi Pinkie, thanks for your reply! Need a few more posts before I can pm.. It's nice to know there is other people out there that understand! I had a terrible day yesterday, felt really low with it all and was very emotional. Finally decided to tackle my weight and sort out my life and I was so positive about the whole thing then my body goes and betrays me with a flare up! I'm going to stick to just banana milkshake and just pray it settles down soon. Can I ask did you take meds while doing lighterlife? I'm on mesalazine and as am taking about 1000mg per day not sure if anything in them affects ketosis. Refused the steroids off G.I. as dont want extra bloating or hunger atm! Keep your fingers crossed for me it will calm down without them :)

Congrats on your amazing loss! You must be so proud to get to goal! Wow a life without meds cant imagine how good that must feel! Well done you! x

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Hey girl... :)

Aww, you poor thing, really feel for you. It's so typical huh? We try and help ourselves, and then something beyond our control tries to stand in our way!!

You should still be feeling positive though hun... As you know, flare ups can come at any time, and it's very possible it's the anxiety of starting LL, and not the shakes themselves which have effected you this way... You will feel the benefits as the lbs drop off, and could ultimately have a huge positive effect on your symptoms... so you should still keep smiling! :)

In answer to your question, no, actually I had already come off the mesalazine, and the steroids, and all the other things I was on, months before I had even thought of going on LLT. However, this was not due to being in remission, but more to do with being fed up of taking so many meds... with many of them prescribed just to offset the side effects of the others... It got to a point where I didn't know what was helping and what was hindering, and was feeling more and more bogged (pardon the pun!! lol) down with it all.

So I just quit all meds and decided to give my poor body a break.

Surprisingly, even that seemed to help a bit. But I still suffered when eating certain foods, was still anaemic, and often had no energy and felt generally low...

Oh, and I don't blame you for refusing the steroids... I only took them when was really bad, but hated the side effects... and yes, was always hungry on them! I also tried the infliximab drip, which did nothing except cause me to have drug induced lupus! And that's a whole other story! I tell you, I've tried it all over the years, and it can really get you down huh? x

As for mesalazine effecting ketosis, I think you'll be fine. Because of the way it works, it should have no effect on being in ketosis, I'm pretty sure of it. :)

Aww, thank you... Yup, am over the moon with hitting goal, and to have no colitis symptoms either, well... I can't remember the last time I was so slim, or pain free! :) But it will happen to you too hun... I'm no special case, and so just stick it out... You're showing real determination, strength of character, and intelligence by the way you're tackling it... and those things to me say 'success story'!

Good luck, and get posting another 6 times, so you can PM! Lol... ;)

Hello there,
I am new to lighter life (starting tomorrow) . Stumbled on ur post when generally reading the forum for inspiration and to keep focused.
I am sorry to hear about the lil blip u have had but sounds like u are all geared up to do it. I do wish u all the best.
Some of the flavourings I hear can cause loose stools but if u see blood then i guess it is serious and it will be best to see the specialist. I know that colitis can get nasty and is (more often) best controlled if caught early. I hope that this is a small blip and u will be right back on track.
Aaaah thanks pinkie its so lovely to hear something positive about doing the programme. ALOT of people are telling me to come off diet including my doctor and when i feeling so poorly and the temptation to eat comes along having people saying that doesnt help atall!

Thought had all settled down but back with avengance this afternoon as soon as had a pack :( ... tbh I have been putting off having packs and water untill as late in the day as i can, as its just going straight through me...(sorry tmi) lol! I do worry whether my body is getting enough nutrients and vitamins though! Doc wants to test me for milk allergy now but i'm hoping like you said it's just stress and things causing flare up! I cant wait to be in your position at goal and proud of myself that will make all this worth it! :) x


Ready For Change!
Hi Lots2lose...
Just read through your Diary... The program is tough enough as it is, with out colitis ((Not that I have the foggyist about your condition)) I just wanted to offer you my support and say you're a champ for at least continuing and giving the packs the benifit of the doubt!
Pinkie is fab support and a marvelous role model, I hope you're able to listen to your body and decide whats best for you!x
Good Luck hun xxx
Aah thanks for support lozz and ontheverge! Goodluck on your first week of programme ontheverge! Still feeling awful everytime have a pack unfortunately and sadly caved in and ate some party food as it was my sons 7th birthday! So annoyed with myself but straight back on today and not going to beat myself up about it! Back into ketosis over next frw days arggh! Weigh in tonight so wish me luck! X

Its best not to get too hung up on things that have happened. Best to look at the situvation and understand why it happened. I find that I put food into me when I am really sad or angry. When I am happy I dont need food ! I dont really need food to celebrate .......!
When I am upset I eat a lot and go to sleep. Maybe it is becoz I think that when I wake up all my troubles will just go away !
So dont worry about what happened. But try and think why it happened this may help u.
I hope I dont sound like a preacher. I don't mean to .

I can feel the fire within u and u can do this. GOODLUCK


Ready For Change!
Well done for drawing a line under your lapse!
...and an even bigger WELL DONE for your loss this week, you must feel over the moon!!
Thanks guys :gen126:...feel energised and ready for new day :) had my first pack and am getting throught the water well! Might be a different story later if my tummy starts palying up again but hey ho the weight coming off is worth it I think! xx

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