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Colonic Irrigation

I have no idea but quite fancy trying it.

I am having a colon cleansing massage in a couple of weeks but I doubt it will be as effective!

My friend had a colonic not so long back. Although she is not on a VLCD she said it was fab and felt really great afterwards. She said everyone should try it!
Just one person's opinion but i am considering it.
Hope everyone is well xxx
I wasn't on a VLCD, but had colonic irrigation 3 years ago. It's amazing, but very emotional. In my case I couldn't just book, I had to have 3 weeks on bowel-cleansing herbs and probiotics first.
I think it would be a great treat at the end of weightloss, before RTM - a real fresh start.
I had mine after foundation it was brilliant, you feel really cleansed. They say have 2 (once a week) then every three months after that. I just had the two but I came out the place feeling really good about myself, its hard to explain, but if anyone has had holistic therapy ie feet, indian head etc, its the same type of thing.
I swear by colonics! Always have done even before LL. Have had digestive probelems most of my life abut as soon as I started having colonics after the first three things were soooo much better.

It's not for everyone but I find them really realxing and have more energy for days afterwards.

I've been to five different places in total but I now have a really good relationship with the lady at the place I go now. She knows my bowel habits better than I do!

If you're thinking about it it's definitely worth a try. But you have to give it two or three goes for it to really make an impact.

There's stuff in there that will have been there for up to 12 years...scary I know!!

If you want to know any more...however odd the question may seem, don't hesitate to ask. PM me if you don't want to put it up here.

LS is right though, if you don't have any trouble 'down there' it's usually best not to mess with it. But seeing as being on a VLCD means everything slows down and you have no fibre, it's really good for your system....plus I always lost more weight in the weeks I had a colonic!!
I went once a month when I was on abstainance but usually go every three months.

I felt it really gave my colon a 'work out' as it slowed down so much when I wasn't eating anything.
Can I just point out here that there is no proven medical evidence of its benefits, its just another fad detox idea.

I would be giving this a miss I find it very intrusive
Yeah, would have to agree with H. I know everyone says they feel better, and I can see the benefit. And I have even considered them myself.

But I just can;t get passed the fact that the fancy word "Colonic Cleansing" is just a modern term for an Enema. ANd Enemas were never thought of us being so glamerous as a colonic cleansing!! lol Plus were reserved for medical needs. Not weighloss, etc. I know not everyone uses them for weight loss, but some do. Thats when it gets obsessive. ANd its forcing the natural ryhthm of your body - which I am not sure is such a good thing.

I wouldn;t rule it out - but I would have to give it an awful lot of thought first.

But - different strokes for different folks. :)
I had them regularly for about a year after having to take painkillers which caused severe and painfull constipation. I can honestly the experience was, whilst not pleasurable, was extremely soothing and my skin improved no end as well which was an added bonus! Go for it, it's harmless and makes you feel a darned better!

Good luck:sick0019:

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