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comfort eater trying again

hi everyone
not very good with the computer did this already dont know where it went ! have major problem with comfort eating thought i had it beat after losing 3 stone last year on lipotrim.now heavier than ever and starting again today,because i know this diet really works and i let myself down by overeating .:eek:
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Best of luck Kitty :)


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Hi Kitty!! Welcome back :) whats happened has happened and you know what made it happen again, so you'll be able to give the diet 100% again and keep it alllll off this time!!! Good luck hun x


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Hi kitty! Fellow comfort eater here! Good luck with the restart! We are here for ya!
Hi Kitty . I couldnt tell you how many times I started weightwatchers !!!. dont beat yourself up about it . You have made the decision now and you know what to expect with LT . I find the weight lossses so encouraging as I have no patience. If I dont see progress I get dissillusioned .best of luck and talk to us often


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Good luck Kitty.

One day at a time, you've realised there's a problem and you're addressing it.

Hope you have a good loss this week.
I'm a comfort eater too, i get into that cycle -get upset,eat, get upset cos i've eaten so i eat some more. it doesnt help but its a mighty hard habit to break. One day at a time!!


Crawling to the finish!
good luck, its great you know where your problem lies, abstainaining will be great as you can stop to learn how to tackle the need to confort each, and realise what went wrong after last time xx


I will be skinny again!!!
Welcome back chick!!

The hardest part of this diet is meant to be maintaining! Atleast your not giving up and are having another shot at it!!


Here we go again!
Welcome back Kitty. Another comfort eater here too.

You know how well this diet works so just get started, stick to it, drink plenty of water and you know the results will be amazing again.

You can do it, we all can! Best of luck!
every time i started ww i was bigger than the time before it was no joke i still have all me weigh in cards its mad and yet 6 months ago i lost a stone and half how i got pregnant with a boy amazing but im not about to get preggers lmao just to lose weight i thought i could eat what i wanted cause i was breast feeding what a croc that is your supposed to lose weight well it day happen for me i put loads on and here i am now trying to get it off and you will to if you really try you did it before you can again. .... oh and by the way im not suggesting for anyone to get preggers to lose weight lol xxxxxx
Hi and Good Luck! I am an all the time eater, happy, sad, stressed, I eat! I've done slimming world, weight watchers, scottish slimmers, calorie counting you name it but this one seems to be working and I'm sure it will for you again. x


I'm in a similar boat hun. Lost 2 stone on LT in the 5weeks up to xmas. Came off for xmas (boy do i regret that now!) and have gone back to comfort eating with a vengence!

I haven't been able to get back on LT properly since. Today however i went for a WI to restart and found that i'd put 1stone back on so i'm restarting today.

It's great that you've decided to do the same. Good luck with it. :)


Glug Glug Glug
Hey there, you are not alone :)

Many of us here either comfort eat or on this diet for 1st,2nd, 3rd time and there are some who are both (ME hehe)

But as you said this diet DOES work, and you'll be able to lose all the weight you want, as long as you stick to it.
And by the sounds of it, your ready to start that lipotrim journey all over again!

Dont forget, this site is fantastic for support!
Good luck kitty
you know the score
you've done it before
so come on girl
lets lose more more more


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We're all with you. I'm a comfort eater/bored eater/nibbler eater/stress eater - you name it and I have the excuse! Don't be hard on yourself. You're back and that's what matters. Good luck

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