coming off pill


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hi all,
ive recently been thinking of coming off the pill.
Im on microgynon and been on it since i was 15 so ive been of it for 8 years now without a break.
Im thinking of coming off it completely or at least having a break from it.. im not with anyone so getting preggers would not be an issue. Im sort of intrigued to see what i would be like without it.
has anyone came off it and regretted it?
Or has anyone felt a total difference not being on the pill
any advice would be appreciated
brit :)
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Hi Brit, I was in a similar position to you and was taking Microgynon from a young age due to hellish periods. I came off it and tried different pills, then decided to try the implant. I was going through big changes at the time I had this and was quite depressed at times, I don't know if the implant had anything to do with it though.
After that I had the copper coil fitted, approx 3 years ago. I had decided I wanted to go alone and give it a try without having to have any hormones/drugs.
It is definitely the best I have been. I still get bad periods, but is mostly manageable for the first few days. My moods are better and it feels good being "natural" (well as close as I can be).
You may find it takes a few months for the pill to leave your system and for your body to regain normality.


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thanks :)
yeah my friends says it can take up to 3 months for it to get out of my system, i dont really want to change to anything else just be "natural" like you said. I just dont want to be really heavy or in loads of pain or anything but i suppose i can only see... and if that happens just go back on it.
I googled it and apparently its fine to be on the pill for so long but id still like to see how i feel without being on it