coming unstuck!


You've obviously kept your willpower for a year and a half and that's amazing! Mine never hangs round for more than 2 weeks at a time :( perhaps you're happy with the weight you are now (just subconsciously maybe)? :)


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Wow, impressive loss, blooming well done you!!!

I wonder if you have got to a point where you feel almost satisfied with loss so far, so you have lost your will power and motivation to be strict with yourself.

I also wonder if after 12 months of being strict with yourself you've felt like you deserve a break.

Positively at least you know you can maintain your weight loss, which should give you confidence boost!

I know it sounds pathetic and materialistic but perhaps a piece of jewellery, dress or a holiday could motivate you to carry on with the last stone.

Or writing down your goals and why you want them so much, sometimes seeing things in black and white makes them more real. x


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thanks x

to be honest I have had quite a hard month so far, mum had an operation and some one crashed in to our car. As the weather has been so rubbish (thou the sun is out today)I have been having to wear four or five thick layers of clothes, which when I catch a glimpse of myself takes me back a year and a half. So have been feeling particilarly fed up all round.

Thankyou for pointing out that I am maintaining my loss in a round about way so that is a good thing. May be some new clothes are the way forward to cheer me up! instead of the silly amount of chocolate I ate last night, that has made me ill, because I am also lastose intolerant!!

thankyou ladies x