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Well today I am feeling so happy. Got up this morning, weighed myself have lost the 3.5lbs I put on Monday plus a couple more. Decided that now I've lost 16lbs I'd try on a falmers size 16 mini skirt with diamontes, I bought it cos I loved it but unfortunately couldn't do up the button and the zip went half way, well I'm sitting wearing it, with my black argyle tights and a black polo neck jumper and its a little too big. Got dressed upstairs, came down and OH told me I was looking fantastic, he's not the greatest with compliments so taking it as read that I look pretty good.

Currently thinking about whether to transfer to CD though, I prefer their products and I don't think I'm benefiting much from the counselling part of LL, feel its more about sitting talking about issues, but not really analysing why we do such things. Not sure if it will come in time, can anyone who has attended more classes than me let know. Truthfully, just now I feel I should transfer to CD, half the cost and enjoy the products, but wonder if I will then lose focus, I just can't when things are going so well.

Help, all comments welcomed.

Got some shopping planned with kids and OH today, might buy myself some nice clothes, although I'm sure OH will say I've already got plenty.
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Having never tried CD I couldn't say but I would suggest giving LL another couple of weeks - not every counselling session resonated with me either but sometimes they do and I' have had a couple of fairly eye opening realizations about myself.

We'll still love you if you defect though ;)


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I've done CD but didn't last very long as on the weeks you have to eat (you don't abstain until you get to goal) I went off the rails and ate far too much.
LL is the only one that's worked for me but that's just me. It's a personal choice. I'd give LL a few more weeks if you can. I found the counselling has become much more useful as time progressed.


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I struggled on CD - I don't know whether it was because it was only 3 foodpacks and slightly lower calorie, or lack of counselling or what. But that was right at the beginning - I've never tried it from a perspective of already having been in ketosis for a while, it might be much easier (and think of all the flavours!).

What about meeting your CD counsellor and seeing if you like her? That's important too.

And finally, if you didn't get on with CD, do you think you'd be able to come back to LL? My counsellor let me rejoin a refreshers group rather than a 100 days group even though I'd only done 3 weeks before I dropped out. (she understood that my rebellious child did not respond well to the pressure of committing to a diet on such a long term - I still anticipate doing it this long, but this way I can take it one day at a time...)

Good luck, whatever you do. And keep us posted!


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I did LL must admit the counselling didnt do much for me, like you it was just a lot of discussion!!!!

If you feel you can transit accross without hiccups... CD is a third cheaper and has loads more choice x


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Thanks for your replies guys, still thinking about it. You don't need to do AAM week after 5 weeks anymore so that option is taken away. OH thinks I should move to CD as I prefer their products, if he knew the cost of LL he wouldn't be happy, but I've avoided answering that question although he knows CD is £35 per week. Will ponder a little more, class is on Monday night and I'm working so depends what time I'll get away if I make it.


Moved over to CD from LL 2 weeks ago, best move ever. Started SS plus straight away, felt really weird eating real food (legally) and a bit guilty, like I was cheating and was dreading first weigh-in but lost 5 1/2 lbs, was over the moon, as the last few weeks on LL had really crap losses (ticker not up-to-date at the moment). The shakes are nicer with lots more choice so am well happy. Also glad I don't have to sit through "counselling" sessions although I do miss some of the friends I made in the group.


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I'm emailing CDC today to see if she can see me, weighed in this morning and by my scales I have now lost 21lbs, so determined not to lose my focus now.


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Thanks for your comments LS, I'm a nurse and am struggling to make the classes with my shifts, don't feel pop ins are appropriate instead of counselling. Because I'm not enjoying the products this is also bearing on my decision. Thing is I feel like its a bit of a cop out but not quite sure why, am thinking am I just not hard core enough for LL? Anyway I'll see what CDC says, graduation is in 18 days and I'd like to lose another 7lbs which is totally possible on either plan.