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Discussion in 'Very Low Calorie Diets' started by paris192, 28 March 2008 Social URL.

  1. paris192

    paris192 Full Member

    Hi Everyone

    Im new to this site but I wanted to know what people thought of using complan ( made with water) as a meal replacement.

    Im really bad at breakfast - so ive been having a complan shake instead and then lunch and then a dinner. Now im still scoffin the odd packet of crisps and biscuits aswell but I think Im remaining at 1500 calories per day

    Now everyone is telling me that complan will make u gain weight not loose it !!!! so im a bit concerned.

    I started doing this last june - August and went from 15 stone to 13 stone . This was combined with a 2 mile walk each evening.( i have a lovely old english sheepdog so we enjoy the strolling:D:D

    Im now at 12 stone but really want to make it to 10 and half stone. But everyone is telling me that the complan wont take off the last bit... what do u think ????

    (Im now doing 30 mins on my stepper 4 nights a week cos its too dark in the evenings to be draggin the dog up the road )

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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  3. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    That's not true

    Yes it will. Keep you'll calories under maintenance cals, and you'll lose weight eventually. Use complan, or anything else (healthy), it's fine :)

    Well done for the weight loss :clap:

    Oh BTW, it's not suitable for a very low calorie diet (under 800 cals), and certainly doesn't replace a VLCD shake such as Cambridge, Lipotrim or Lighterlife, but it's fine as part of a calorie controlled diet :)
  4. paris192

    paris192 Full Member

    One of my friends has lost serious weight on the lipotrim , but it did not suit me. I suffer with gallstones and having that low a cal. intake upset them so I have to keep it fairly close to the regulated amount. If it were not for the stupid gallstones I would still be at 9 stone ..... they are evil

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