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complete newbie looking for people to help keep me motivated

Hello to everyone!!! As stated in my title, I am a complete newbie and would just like to talk to ANYONE who is on a weight loss journey at the moment...

So a bit of background information on myself... I'm 23 years old and currently weigh just below 18 stone... 17.12 to be exact. I've always struggled with my weight but have had periods of being alot slimmer but unfortunately they are always short lived. Now that I have started to experience problems with my health... missing menstrual cycles, achy joints, panic attacks, anxiety and depression I've decided that enough is enough and I need to take control of my life.

I started on the lighterlife diet (this is day 4) but am having 5/6 foodpacks a day instead of the recommended 4. I just don't think I could cope with eating less than 600kcals a day and would like to eat a minimum of 800 because I want to excersise to try and avoid having loose skin. I chose to do lighterlife because quite simply I have no control over food and have a all or nothing mentality. I'm the sort of person that will eat healthily for 2 weeks and will then think to myself well I added too much mayonnaise to that chicken and lettuce brown breaded sandwich therefore I've failed so I should just go and eat 2 more sandwiches. It's ridiculous I know but it's just the way I think.

My plan is to stay on my edited version of the lighterlife diet for 12 weeks, by which time I hope to have overcome my addiction to food.... and then will start introducing healthy foods back into my diet.

Apart from the fact that I am unhappy and have been experiencing health problems, I also have one big motivator that is keeping me going...

Last Christmas, I was getting ready to visit my parents house (just as I always did on Xmas day)... I tried on multiple outfits and could not find a single one that I felt comfortable in. I should point out here that my family are anti-fat people (especially my mother) so I always feel uncomfortable around them...
I ate my portion controlled xmas dinner with a smile on my face and simply turned my head when the tin of quality streets were passed to everyone bar me... for evening tea the chocolate log was bought out for dessert and when my mother decided to announce to the entire room "I think you've had enough don't you" I agreed quietly and excused myself from the table.
I spent the rest of Xmas tea in the bathroom thinking to myself remember this, remember how you feel this Christmas and make sure the next one is different.

So that's why I'm here I guess... I feel to ashamed to tell anyone I know how much I weigh or the real reasons I have decided to finally change my life around.... I am DETERMINED to have a guilt-free Xmas and to just in general look forward to it!!! I love xmas.... but I dread xmas day for the fact all my family get to see how much further my waistband has expanded. I refuse to have my food intake monitored on the one day of the year when nobody should be made to feel that they can't have a good old feast!!

Anyway sorry for the extremely long post!!! I never talk to ANYONE about the insecurities I have regarding my weight and I hope that you guys will keep me going now u no what I'm aiming for!!

Best of luck to everyone with losing weight.... my 4 months of hell have begun.... but atleast I won't be spending this xmas locked in the bathroom!!!
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Hi and welcome to the site. I'm doing Slimming world so can't really offer any advice or chat about the diet that you're on, sorry. But making the decision and committing to do something is a big step forward so well done and good luck on your journey :)
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Your mum is just plain wrong to say that to you. On Christmas day too!

My mum said she would get me hypno gastric band this year as I'd obviously tried everything else!!! What's worse is she's right! Don't be like me, I'm turning 40 in November and I wish I'd sorted my weight when I was 23...so im really wishing you the very best of luck. Don't do it for your rude, insensitive parents, do it for you.

Good luck! I hope to follow your amazing progress over the next few months....
Thanks ladies I no my mum isn't the nicest of people....
She thinks by saying those things it will "encourage me" she doesn't realise how nasty she's being.
Yes I promise to keep updating everyone on my journey xx
Hey sweet!!!

I'm the same starting weight as you and starting today! New lifestyle! Currently on Slimming World (as of the last 3 hours) and really looking forward to the journey ahead!

Good luck and looking forward to keeping in touch through you're journey!

G: 11st6lb
Good luck... I will def keep updating xx
hey :) I'm here to follow!!
sorry to hear about what happened at Christmas :( I'll be here to support you although I know nothing about your diet, since I'm doing weight watchers, I'm around the same age and weight so I know what it's like! we can advise and support each other! :) - hope it's going well! x

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