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Completely off topic but im well shocked

I just found out the school Secondary school i went to down south gave kids detentions for wearing red noses on friday, any kids who came in with their hair painted red or something like that got an hour detention even some got sent home, most of the kids raised money inorder to do that and the school punished them!!

I am so completely shocked by this
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Wow. That so didn't happen at my school! We had red haired kids, and I ordered red contacts to wear but they didn't arrive on time!!!!

I even charged my kids 5p to go to the toilet and if they didn't have the money they could get someone to sponsor them. We had people turning their eyelids the other way, 'rolling' their stomach, doing the worm, carrying people in fireman's lifts, backwards walkovers...

Didn't get much work done in last period! But I had fun and I had 30 kids giggling and laughing for an hour. Such a stress free lesson!

No idea why this school would have punished them. And sponsored silences are brilliant! :):)
Back when i was there they banned hoodies for most kids that was their coat, it was around the time that everyone thought a hoodie meant you were in a gang! but i am disgusted that they would punish kids for doing something for charity, its not really teaching kids the best life lessons is it!
Thats really sad, they should be named and shamed for that, what messages are they giving the kids, its hard enough as it is without making kids think that its okay not to care about others. I do hope the parents complained, I would have.

When people are having a tough time in this country it is so nice seeing people pulling together (for any cause) and just having a laugh and a bit of silly fun.

These poeple should be ashamed of themselves, humbug, big bags of them (hmm humbugs mmmmm lol)

Lisa xx
Hehe i know lisa it is disgusting i thinking of contacting comic relief and letting them know it is disgracful that a school has banned a charity event its really inhumane!


Peggy McParrot
my primary school all wore PJ's to school, even the teachers and dimmer ladies, the upper school all wore fancy dress, and the middle school were normal clothes........
I was at school when Live Aid was on, and the schhol let us do a slave auction to raise money,


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