Compulsive weighing!!!!

Trim T

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I can't help it, i get up in the morning and the 1st thing i do is jump on the scales....everyday!

I don't know whether the compulsion is getting worse because i know i'm so close to goal, or what.

Is anyone else as crazy obsessed with weighing as me???
Hi Trim T, i used to be a comulsive weigher but it got me down eventually (on another diet) so I binned them and now apart from weigh-in with cdc i don't have a clue what i weigh and it's always a nice surprise to see her scales move down. not sure how i will cope when i am done with CD though, probably use measurements/clothes. Also Santa maybe be bringing a Wii fit for the kids so I may start using that hope i don't get obsessive again though!
I think it's coz i get such a buzz, seeing the scales go down, I down let it bother me too much if i maintain.

But i think if they started going the other way then it would really really impact on my motivation.

I might get hubby to hide them.:eek:
yes hands up im obsessed i weigh in the morning and evening i know if i am the same weight in evening then i would have lost in the morning, i know sad but sometimes its needed, some nights i put on a pound usually means staying the same x
Yep... I'm guilty too... both night and morning... and it has to be totally naked after a wee.... lol!!!! I find it really spurs me on... and so far the scales have only gone up once in the a.m and that just pushed me to drink more water the next day to clear it out!!!! Night times are everywhere so I really don't know why I do that one.... but I have had the odd evening where I've only weighed half a lb more in the evening than the morning so I go off to bed all chirpy cause I know its gonna be a fab loss in the morning!! I don't think it does any harm as long as ya prepared for the odd fluctuation.

Jules x
yep me too,every morning at 7am after a wee,straight on the wii fit ,i love to see my bmi coming down about .33-.50 everyday keeps me going.i am to nosey to leave it a
I used 2 b on and off my scales all day! But when the battery ran out on them I thought, right thats it, no more! Now I only get weighed at my weekly weigh in. On other diets i've done I was obsessed with weighing myself, but 2 b honest that was only cos I knew I hadn't actually stuck 2 it 100% any day! But with cd ss I know that if iv stuck 2 it all week then I'm bound 2 have lost sumthing so I don't have 2 b so paranoid!

Oh my god, I'm so glad it's not just me!

I jump on the scales in the morning after I've had a wee too. Then I weight in the evenings and my other half is going nuts with me, cos I start cursing if it doesn't move "damn scales" lol and he's threatened to throw them....

:) I'm sooo glad i'm not the only one lol

This thread has tickled me !!
HAHAHAHA we're all mad, but i'm glad it's not just me!!

Well I've jumped on 1st thing this morning and lost another 1lb so that'll keep me cheery for the rest of the day at least.
yep. totally. but i only count the weigh in on my cdc's scales. but i still have to use mine in the morning and the evening to make sure... ha.

abz xx
Looks like I am boringly the same as everyone else then. I ONLY weigh each morning (after the obligatory wee of course) - so I am clearly not as obsessed as some ;);) - only mildly manic.

I only record any change weekly though and I have seen mid-week increases of 2lbs turn into an end of week 4lb it really is a total waste of time but I still do it.

If I have been sticking to plan (which I have been) then I know that any blips will iron themselves out.

Its really annoying though when you get 2lbs loss on Saturday and by sunday its turned into just 1lb...that was me this week!! Nightmare.

LRO xx
Oh God - me too!!! I think i have been a bit down today because the scales said 3oz heavier today than yesterday!! RIDICULOUS i know!!! I have still been good but i think it is definitely time to hide them!!
Yup me too, first thing in the morning and last thing before bed. It can get a bit disheartening when you stay the same for about 5 days (as I usually do) but boy what a good feeling when it finally drops off. xx
see ive been doing just that and mine is only showing a 2lb loss so am gutted everytime i get on its the same!! i know its TOTM and its only day 4 but theres only 3 days till week 2 and i know ill be gutted of its the same!
Me too! Every morning after a wee! I find it really helps me stay on track. If I was just being weighed once a week then the little devil on my should might start talking to me: "Go on Lisa, have a bite. You've got time to work it off before weigh in..." but now the main thing keeping me from food is the thought that i'll just be pissed at myself when I see the scales in the morning!
I have 3 sets of scales and I weigh myself on all of them every day,if it doesnt say what I want on one I move onto the next!I never take much notice of any of them as I forget what I weighed the day before!!
I weigh every morning, and seeing another 1lb come off each day keeps me motivated to stick to the plan that day, even though I know that my cdc's scales weigh 2lb heavier than mine and that my official weigh in is in the evening, with clothes, so whatever i weigh each morning, I know that my 'official' weight is 4lbs heavier - but boy seeing those results every morning really gives me a buzz.
The difference between the scales really isn't that important, as long as you know what your start weight was on your scales. Because your LOSS will be the same, even though you weigh heavier on your cdc's scales...... because you always weighed more on her scales anyway.

hahahaha..... ramble much????

Well it keeps me motivated. I couldnt wait a week and then find out i'd maintained! i'd rather be prepared.