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I hope so ! I have had Worcester sauce with everything ! When I was on RTM on LL it was on the list of allowed foods so I think it's OK, someone else may be along to correct me......:confused:


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Didn't you get a LLL booklet? :)
Yes, Worcester Sauce is allowed as far as I know - obviously within reason, don't drench your food in it! :D TASTE the vegetable, taaaasteeee iiiiitttt.

You can have:

- Chilli Sauce, Soy Sauce, Vinegar, Red Tabasco Sauce, Worcester Sauce, Mustard.
- Herbs, Spices, Curry Powders, Cumin/Cinnamon/etc, Salt & Pepper.

Minerva, I have just noticed that you and I are the same height and almost the same weight at the moment !!!! How long you been on LLL etc ???? :D


...we're sinking deeper.
:D Hello!
I was on LL for about 9 months last year, and did full RTM from October to December, lost 8 stone.
Then ... put on about 12 pounds (some of which was water/glycogen levels refilling) over Christmas...! Panicked a little, started watching what I eat and kept it stable over the whole of January... But since I never reached my target on LL, I decided to restart LL again in Mid-February. Did about a week of pure shakes, and went F-that, and been doing LLL for the last 3 weeks! Feels good, however, I may be eating too many vegetables LOL, so my weight loss is quite slow, but I don't mind. I feel like I'm eating healthily more than anything and I don't feel like I'm on a diet. That's the main thing. :D I'm not actually missing carbs too much, just wish I could have the occasional chocolate every once in a while.


How about yourself?


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:) Well done for keeping going..! And indeed vegetables are awesome. ;)

Make a Cauliflower mash, it's a great substitute for Potato Mash, tastes lovely. I put some salt, pepper, some garlic in it.. Also I add my allowance of sour cream to make it creamy. :D


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Lol coffee doesn't affect me in that way, maybe I'm lucky! I can have a cup of strong coffee at 11 at night and sleep fine..! Then again I'm an absolute coffee addict...

The porridge is lovely, I have it for breakast. :) You can put some cinnamon in it to make it extra interesting! You can have more condiments if you want, but obviously stick to what you are comfortable with. Experiment with your food a little, there are soooo many things you can do! I like to have some fun with it.

And wow - your weight losses are fantastic! Never be discouraged if you stay the same on some weeks, it can be due to water retention! :) Well done so far!


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You need 20 posts before you can have an avatar... and you need 50 before you can post your own pictures or look at anyone elses...
Apart from that, your information like weight/BMI style stuff that we have under our names... Go into your "User CP" at the top of the page, and then click "Edit your details".. Have a play around there.
Hmph I wish I could havbe cinnamon for my porridge :p


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Hi Emma :)
On another forum, people doing abstinece they regularly *do* put cinnamon in their porridge and lose normally... I think it's a mentality thing more than anything which makes it be "off the list"... Only have it if you think you can handle it... Or just as a very special treat if it will help you along... because I hardly think that a pinch of cinnamon will do anything weight/ketosis wise.

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