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Confessions of a junk food junkie!

Greetings everyone!

Time to confess! I’ve been on slimming world for two and a half weeks and unfortunately this is the second weekend in a row i’ve gone completely off track!!! I’ve just been feeling low and turning to junk food for a quick fix which of course only works for a short while and then you just end up feeling worse!!

I joined this site back in May as was looking for inspiration which I found in abundance as with another birthday approaching I was determined to not spend another year hiding away making excuses because of my weight and to actually do something about it!! I started off really well but alas the motivation dwindled and old habits crept back in!! So after a lot of soul searching today I’ve decided on (another!) fresh start tomorrow!!!

I’m going to stop going to group and join online as I feel this will take a lot of the pressure off and with the help of this great site I WILL ACHIEVE MY GOALS!!!!!!!! I had really hoped to make it by New Years Eve so I could start the new year as the ‘new me’. I’m not sure if that is still achievable but I am determined to try my best!! I think it will really help me to have somewhere to offload my thoughts etc so hence my ramblings here!! lol

Best of luck to everyone else on your journeys!

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Thanks keza88! How long have you been doing SW? Looks like you're doing well!

I've got up bright and early to go to the gym and do my weekly food shop! I'm working 14 hour shifts tomorrow and weds so need to plan my meals and snacks so I dont end up raiding the vending machines!!

I've now joined SW online and weigh in at 18st 10lb which is the LAST time i'm EVER seeing that number!!


I will be doing my 5th WI this Thursday so wish me luck lol. You are doing well with going to the gym have to say a lot better than me when it comes down to exercise. I find planning my meals make it so much easier and I realise that I am not snacking as much and if I do its on fruit which is a first for me as I'm not a huge fan of healthy food, keep me updated on how you are getting on x :)
Best of luck for the weigh in!!! I was dreading joining the gym to be e honest but so far am really enjoying it! The feeling you get afterwards is amazing! I just need to reprogram my brain somehow so that when I feel low I exercise instead of eating crap!

Considering I was a couch potato I manage to do quite a lot:
10 mins on bike; 10 mins on cross-trainer; 10 mins on rowing machine - then four different weights machine; 3 for my upper back and 1 for my shoulders as hoping to improve my posture as always being told off for slouching lol! I then do 10 mins on stepper; 10 mins on cross-trainer going backwards; then 10 mins on recliner bike! :character00115:

I also stopped off at currys and picked up a Tefal Actifry as they have them on offer for £109 at the moment which although still well overpriced is the cheapest i’ve seen them! I’m not normally a fan of kitchen gadgets but I need a cure for my takeaway chip addiction!! Oven chips/SW chips just don’t hit the spot! First attempt below with a quorn escalope and salad which tasted pretty good although I think I can do better! I’m also useless at cooking tofu and hoping this will cook it properly, will try it later!


Grr cant sleep and got to be up for work in a couple of hours doh!! On the bright side my new actifry cooks tofu to perfection, all golden and crisp! So had a lush stirfry for dinner!! Really easy too as once the tofu was almost done I just chucked in the veg and it stirs it for u lol I think this is going to be my new staple!


You are doing really well at the gym! I need to re programme my brain to :D I found leaving the skin on the potatoes for my chips makes them taste even better but instead of part boiling them first I put them in the microwave for 5-6 minutes and then in the oven, and with my roast potatoes as I love loads of gravy and now can't have as much I sprinkle an oxo cube over them towards the end of them cooking. I've seen those actifry they look really good need to invest in one, I can't live without my slow cooker, I love making the Minted Lamb Casserole and leaving it all day then my house smells yummy :8855:
Well I made it through the week!!! Was really stressful at work but didn't give in this time! Really am determined now!! I'm even driving a different route to work to avoid the 3 drive through's that always call my name on the way home lol! I've got 5 days off now so just need to make sure I keep busy and not eat from boredom!! I found this really great thread last week about changing habits using 'Fred' so need to stop him raiding the kitchen lol :17729:

LOL Mandy!! :8855:

Well it looks my re-focus worked as I lost 8lb this week!!! :banana dancer: I'm determined to keep it up now as I've been yo-yoing up and down the 18 stones for about 2 months and want to put that behind me now! Just need to lose 5 more lbs and will have lost 5 stone!! :eek:

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