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Confused about ketosis


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I know ketosis makes it all easier, but then I dont know about bigger losses or not.
But its mainly too much carbs that stop ketosis so messing your blood sugar and stopping you from burning more fat so probably yes bigger losses in ketosis


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your body prefers to burn carbohydrates for energy, because they are simple and accessible. In the continued absence of carbs, it switches to a mode called ketosis, where it takes stored fat and uses that instead for energy, the waste being expelled via urine, sweat or breath vapour as ketones.

if you eat a standard low fat diet, such as weight watchers, your body will use most of the food you consume for energy, (the rest - such as protein, vits and minerals are used for other things like growing hair and nails etc) - but because you aren't eating very much, there isn't enough energy in your food, so it turns to your stored fat and uses that instead.

weightloss on ketosis is faster because the body gets almost no energy from your foodpacks (they're mostly protein, vits and minerals, and they're very low calorie to start with) and so burns more fat.

Atkins uses ketosis, because you don't feel hungry (partly because carbohydrates cause you to produce loads and loads of insulin, which is one of the things that gives your body the 'hunger' signal) - but weightloss isn't as fast because A - total calorie intake is higher, not all that protein can be used by the body and the rest needs burning off... and B - the foods tend to be fattier, and fat needs to be burned off whether it's eaten or stored, so you're adding to the problem.

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