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confused about scales please help?

so i weighed myself this morning and in pounds it was 174.4 and in stones it was 12.2 well this doesnt make sense as i have converted it on the computer ans 12.2 is 170.8 lb not 174.4lb so i dont no how much i have lost when i last weighed i was 175.4lb.

so i have either lost 1lb or nearly 5lb, after a 2lb gain last week i hope its the 5 lb.

when i started ww i was 13.4 so if im 12.2 that means i have lost 16lb.

please help me make sense of this :confused:
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it depends how you have converted it; the way i do it is multiply my stone amount by 14 and then add on the lbs to find out my weight in lbs..

but it depends how you have worked it out in the past

13st 4lbs when started is - 186lbs
12st 2lbs now is - 170lbs

so you've lost 16lbs

that's the way i work it out, it's always best to stick to however you normally weigh yourself, don't go into lbs stick to stones, then when it comes to converting on here, just take away the lbs from your overall number xx
yay thankyou it must be right as the scales said 187lb when i first started which is pretty close to ur workings out. i think i need some new scales!
just make sure the scales say the same reading when standing on them, i usually stand on mine 3 times just to be sure and make sure they are in the exact same spot each time, also work it out in stones not lbs lol i find it so much easier :)

if you are having trouble though go to local boots or chemist they usually have scales there and only 20p to use! :) xx
If youre 174lbs then youre 12 stone 6lbs
that's what i didnt understand because if it's 174lbs like you say 12st 6lbs... but apparently when weighing self in stones it was 12st 2lbs :confused:
also if you have any spare batteries for your scales swap them, it might be the scales are running low :)

hmm also what was your weight last week?? as starlight has said 1lb is more likely than 5lb... however it says on your side bar that so far you've lost 13lbs in total.. have you changed that since last time?? if not it will only be 3lbs loss not 5lbs... to make it 16lbs in total... therefore 3lbs is a manageable loss for a few weeks in etc
my start weight was 13.4
first weigh in i lost 10lb
so was 12.9
second weigh in lost 3.5lb
so was 12.5.5
third weigh in gained 2lb
so was 12.7.5
this weeks weigh in i am 12.2

so i think because the 2lb gain (i think was water as stuck to plan) last week is the reason i lost so much this week

this is the loss in lb
start 187
wk1 177
wk2 173.5
wk3 175.5
wk4 12.2 / 174.4- this is what scales said
Your sums arent adding up... if you went from 13.4 to 12.9 thats 9lbs but 187lbs is 13 stone 5

And the lbs and stones just arent balancing out at all.

You need to weigh in one format and forget about the other or youre just going to totally lose track of your correct weight.

12 stone 2 and 174 just dont balance lol

If it was me Id go weigh myself again and have that as a definite weight for this week and then stick to one format
Scales are funny things - mine don't move at all! Haha only joking. But it is amazing how different scales say different things. I use my bathroom scales as my official weight, but my doctor's have me lower and the Wii Fit has be lower still. As I am in no danger of being underweight - I'm sticking by the bathroom scales to see my loss, but I might pop into Boots for a proper weigh - if the scales are in a darkened corner where no one can see me!

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