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chunky chick :-)
when im at uni i rarely have time for breakfast so buy things like cereal bars and things to eat on the way to placement, but this one has me confused.

i bought Bevita biscuits and they are yummy, they contain vits and enough cals for brekkie. they are biscuits that come in individual packs of 4 and each biscuit is 56cal and 0.5 sat fat. i pointed these at 1pt per buscit, so 4 points for my brekkie, yes? no!! i pointed 224cals and 2 sat fat and it says 5!! why??

i have under pointed my breakfast all week last week!! only a point but still lol
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Hi Alison,

I think it is to do with the way the calculator rounds down - such as the WW bread is 0.5 for a slice, but 1.5 for two... if I'm going to have more than one of something throughout the day I always work out the points as a whole rather than for the single items... however, some people don't and still count it as the single item...

I would say it depends on your weight loss - as long as you continue to lose then you can count the single items, then once your weight sticks start being more precise and counting them all as a whole. Hope I haven't made you even more confused lol :) x sam x
Yes unfortunatley this happens! I wouldn't panic though, it evens out over the course of the day. Something else you ate was probably rounded upand therefore that gives you a little leeway.
Your biccies were probably really 1 and a quarter points therefore gets rounded down to a point. However when you multiply one and a quarter by 4 you get 5......... so its 5 points.

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