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Confused, desperate and very low - please help!!


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Dont know if this will help but personally I know that I need to stick with cambridge and see it through and up all the maintenence steps to goal. I just couldn't loose the bulk then switch-think I'd find the range of food that is allowed in sw or ww far too much after being on such a drastic diet. I think you would be better doing CD and all the way through maintenance steps or sw/ww. hope this helps and good luck with your journey whatever plan you chose.


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I have also lost weight and put on weight over the years. Often I have been doing well, then I would take a break, like for Christmas, and yes, your story could be mine. It is so easy to pile on the pounds when taking breaks.

I did WW this spring, but never full hearted. Then I found CD and thought I would try it for a few weeks. But now I decided to stick to CD all the way to goal weight. I am so determined to get there. And since the pounds come off pretty quickly, it is worth the effort I think.

But I still have the same problem with food that I need to address and work with, some of it I am dealing with now (I used to "eat up" my emotions, now I let them out instead). After CD I think I will go back to WW for keeping the weight off. I will be more careful anyway, not thinking that I am slim forever, and don't have to worry about it too much. Good luck with the diet you choose!


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yes, I tried this last year and did exactly the same thing, messed about and came off for a hol and never got back on.

This time its amazing never felt better. The satisfaction of losing weight with it is fab, so really give it thought and good luck.
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I know just how you're feeling Karen, I weigh nearly 19 stone and I feel like my whole life is consumed with thinking about weight and how to sort out my food issues. I've had exactly the same mind debates about which diet I should do but I think it's important to choose one and stick with that for good, otherwise you're always going to have the excuse to give up and try the other one when the going gets though and by the time you've done that you're in the mental frame of mind that you've failed which makes it more difficult to start something new. I recently started cognitive behavioural therapy after a referral from my gp and personally I think that whatever you do something like that will make a massive difference alongside the diet. I'm starting cambridge this week, I know it's gonna be really hard but as I have these new calming exercises that I've learned fingers crossed I'll be able to do it. Good luck xxxx


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SarahFairy- I was going to pm you but see you've not got enough posts! Just wondered about the CBT sessions? how did you go about getting referred? how did your GP react when you asked for it? long waiting list?
S: 20st0lb C: 19st8lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 44.2 Loss: 0st6lb(2.14%)
Hi Angela, yep I'm a newbie so can't really do anything at the mo!! My GP was really sweet about it, it was actually her that suggested it as I had been moaning about how depressed I was about my weight. Didn't take that long to get referred, I got a letter through from the clinic that does the CBT about a week or 2 after seeing my GP then got booked in for an assessment appointment for about a month later, after that started seeing someone once a week, have only had 2 sessions but think it will really help. GPs do tend to be very understanding with this sort of thing, my friend went to her GP for the exact same thing last week and she had no problem getting referred, she's starting her sessions next month xxx

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