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Extra Easy Confused - Please Help

Hiya, I have read the information on this thread


But I am still really confused about how the extra easy plan works and what it means by - [FONT=&quot]With this plan you can indulge on foods that are free on either day. [/FONT]

I Follow SW on-line so I don't have group support or the advice I need so could someone please help me and explain in more detail what I can and can't eat when I am following the extra easy plan - For example if I was eating mainly red foods/green foods what could I eat different that differs from the original red and green days.

Thanks in advance :):)

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Basically it means you can have meat and potatoes together. So on Red days where you would either have to syn or HExB Pasta you can just eat as much of both to satisfy your hunger. Any food that is free on a red day or a green day is free on an extra easy day.

Hopefully that makes sense.

Cobweb xx


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What it means is that, usually, on a red day you'd have lots of meat & a little pasta/potatoes. And on green you'd have mostly pasta & a tiny bit of meat.

on Extra Easy you can have as much meat as you like & as much potato/pasta as you like.

so basically whatever is free on red and whatever is free on green is also free on extra easy!
Wow, so does that mean I could have as much rice or pasta as I want with say a syn free chicken curry or a syn free bolognese, or have as many syn free chips or beans with a red day breakfast?

That seems too good to be true :):)

Helen x
Don't forget it is recommended that you fill 1/3 of your plate with superfree veg though. You can still eat lots - you just need a much bigger plate lol!



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Yes, that's what it means.

However, note that on red & green days you can have up to 2 HEAs and 2 HEBs and on extra easy you can only have one of each.
Was joking about using a bigger plate ;-)
Cheers allie1904, as I don't want to start gaining weight by over eating. I usually just do red/green days but now that I fully understand the EE plan I'm going to give it a go.

How is everyone finding it and has it been working for you?

Helen x
I only do EE now, and it certainly works!
I used to do red and green before EE came out and fell off the wagon each time. EE is just that, extra easy, and easy to maintain for life!
That's good to hear as I do sometimes get fed up with all red/green days. EE will give me that extra bit of flexibility I need. I am going to start it tomorrow so here's hoping it will be the right plan for me. Ill keep everyone informed and let you know how its going.

I don't really lose big amounts so I'm aiming for a 2lb loss for the week - fingers crossed :cross: x
Hi all, a newbie here and would love a bit of advice on EE! So take it easy on me :p

I am considering attempting SW but a bit puzzled by the EE part, red and green foods in the same day!

When I did it a few years ago I used to stick to red days as much as possible, U love meat and potatoes so always struggled, fussy eater syndrome!

So i'd have Bacon, Eggs, Mushrooms, Toms and 1 / 2 slices of toast for breakfast with a mug of milky tea, then Tuna/Ham salad for lunch, Steak/Pork/Chicken w/ salad, few oven pots, wrap, or something like that for tea. Then i'd nibble on fruit, sugar free jelly etc through the day.

But now I've been told about the EE days, where you can combine both red/green into the same day and I like the sound of it, but if I had the above breakfast, jacket pot and beans/tuna for lunch, then some kind of meat with either home made oven chips, veg/salad for tea how would that work?

Also I am presuming that you can't combine both red/green days into the same meal and still have it syn free? i.e. home made spag bol (pasta, mince meat) or jacket pot beans and chicken.

Thanks for any help and advice, it really is appreciated :)
Yes you can combine red and green free food in the same meal on Extra Easy and they are all still free foods.

All you need to remember is you effectively sacrifice a Healthy A box and a Healthy B box for the flexibility of Extra Easy.
I've just started on EE and tbh it seems to good to be true. I have my first weigh in tomorrow and I have been 100% plan since last week. I have been weighing at home (naughty) but my scales are saying that I have about 3lbs off so far. My only problem is that I dont see how this can keep going week after week.

Any advice?

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