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Confused :-(

Lately, i have just been eating healthy food and not sticking to a so called diet.
I weighed myself friday and i went out drinking yesterday but only had vodka sodas and lime and all i had to eat that day was a bit of steak and half a cheese and pickle sandwich, i felt really fat today and so i weighed myself again and ive put on 4 pounds?!! im really confused... has the drink temporarily bloated me or do you reckon its genuine weight gain? :cry:
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ive learnt to only weigh yourself once a week or month never every day or so, small things like clothes, hormonals, time of the month? bloatedness, time of day etc can all effect weight...

im sure you wouldent have put on 4 pounds im one day, just keep up with the heathly eating, and enjoy a drink or two once a week or so, you need to enjoy yourself once in a while :)


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Hi :)

I'm not an expert on weighloss/gain. I do work in the drug & alcohol field though.

I would guess it's a combination of the alcohol effects and dehydration/fluid levels plus the fact that you really didn't eat hardly anything by what you say. You would have had to eat/drink around 14000 extra calories on top of your required daily amount to put on 4lbs of fat :)

I wouldn't worry totally about what the numbers on the scales say (easier said than done I know:rolleyes:) and I agree with Abiphoto about only weighing once a week if you can resist? Then you probably wouldn't even be aware of these fluctuations xx :)
S: 12st12lb C: 12st1lb G: 8st5lb BMI: 33 Loss: 0st11lb(6.11%)
im so please we could help!! and good luck, and don't worry yourself about it, you have all the good ingredients for weight loss, your just forgetting it takes a little time, just like a good meal :) x


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It's the alcohol. Every morning after I have a few beers the previous night I weigh 4-5lbs heavier. It's always gone in a few days.

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