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class was cancelled tonight due to the consultant having a family issue but they held a weight in.

scales where in a different place tonight and when i got weighted it said i gained a pound:confused:

i have ate nothing that could of made me gain weight, in fact i was sick after i ate over the weekend as i seemed to pick up a bug.

could it have been the place the scales where this week? or am i clutching at straws here? i have lost every week for the last 4 weeks and its all been good losses:confused:

friend lost 0.5lb and she has been really good all last week as well:(
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If others in the group have had unexpected gains or didn't lose as much as they thought then it's possible the floor is uneven therefore putting them in a different place may give a different reading. BUT if that is the case then when they are in the right place next week the results will even out


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thanks, guess i will find out next week as it was another member doing the weigh in and the consultant wasnt there:(
I can say from experience, sometimes the scales don't seem to reflect the effort we put in during the week!

Moving the scales may have made a difference but to be honest I do think there's a bit of straw-clutching going on... ;)

If lots of people had the same experience then perhaps, but otherwise, just move ahead with your week, have another good week and come next week, with scales back in their usual spot, I'm sure you will see better results.

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