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Hey all

After losing 7lb in my first week Ive stayed exactly the same for the last 2 weeks - im def in ketosis and am weighing all my salad and veg!!

Im sure however that Ive lost weight somewhere!!! I spent all day yesterday holding up my trousers in work (not easy whilst teaching) 2weeks ago i couldnt eve fasten the second button.

Im wondering if its due to being less, erm, regular than usual. Has anyone has success with Psyllium Husks Capsules ?? Ive just ordered some - had such bad stomach ache kast week i resorted to a laxative - but dont want to do this again.

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I use psyllium husk when I need to, but more effective is the MIM. Flaxmeal keeps you regular, but you must drink an extra glass of water or whatever for each MIM you eat.

Weight loss always slows after the initial Induction loss 'cos that is mostly water. You will soon start to lose again. In the meantime your body is adjusting to burning fat from a different fuel source! Fat and protein instead of carbohydrates.

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I agree with girlygirl - psyllium husks are good to keep you regular (and i also have a problem - my usual 'schedule' is totally off!) but yeah - those Mim's are really good for helping things along.
I just sprinkle a little flaxmeal over my food, less than a teaspoonful.

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oh, i also meant to say that eggs can cause a bit of a problem in that respect!

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That's the polite way of saying it!
Hi Pixi,

When i was on cambridge diet i had 2 weeks where the scales didnt move but each week my counsellor measured me and i had lost 5 inches in the 2 weeks. Bodies are wierd things, and we all want the scales to move, but its more satisfying when the inches come down as this really means the next clothes size down is gonna fit!
I was a size 24, and until i lost 2 stone i didnt drop a size at all.

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