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2007 the year I really did MITT

I think its safe to say that 2007 was a life changing year for me.

I started the year at a horrendous weight, a weight that most people I know would probably not believe when I do finally tell them. Id reached a point where I could no longer hide the effect my weight was having on my life. I quite literally could barely walk more than the length of myself. I did all my shopping either online or through my parents. Even walking from my desk at work to the loos and back had me out of breath. The simplest activities had me breathless and feeling dreadful. Even simple things like sitting in a chair watching TV was awkward, I always sat on a certain chair at my parents, sort of at an angle, because quite honestly sitting with my back to the back of the chair made me feel even more gigantic.

I hated the summer, not only because it meant lighter clothes but for simple things like my niece wanting to play in the garden, I couldnt play with her the way I wanted to, I couldnt be the auntie I wanted to be and the auntie she deserved. Standing more than a few mins hurt my back and Id shift uncomfortably back and forwards before having to sit down.

Clothes wise... what a joke. I couldnt get a uniform to fit me, hell I couldnt get clothes to fit me. The only clothes I could get were from ebay and were the most horrible fabric which made me sweat even more than my weight did. They were huge, shapeless & awful. I hated them, I hated how they made me feel & how they made me look. I had no 'good' clothes I had one 'slightly better' outfit which I worse to any nights out etc but it wasnt what I wanted, it didnt make me feel good. Nothing made me feel good.

On Jan 1 2007 I decided I HAD to do something, my parents were terrified Id kill myself before my 40th birthday and they had every reason to worry. Having battled unsuccessfully with my weight for about 20 years theyd heard it all before but as always were so supportive and encouraging. I decided to try WW – again!!

Somehow, some amazing how this time something clicked and I actually started sticking to it. I lost 6lbs my first week and the weight came off steadily every single week. Within 6 months Id lost an incredible 80lbs and September 17th saw me pass the 100lbs milestone. Now, as I make my one year anniversary Ive lost – and I cant believe Im saying this – 9 stones!!! I still have a way to go but Im totally confident Ill do it. In all honesty I cant even say its been hard, I think Im so tuned into counting points now, its second nature to me.

Im not a fan of vegetables and I dont eat loads of fish & chicken. I have developed a love for Quorn & all things Quorn and eat it regulary, along with noodles, bacon, bread, bagels, crisps, chocolate, popcorn among other things. Once a week I have a treat, usually a Chinese take away. I dont feel Im missing out on anything. I know that no matter how tempted I am, theres no food on earth that makes me feel better than seeing the scales go down and down.

Ive had numerous celebrations and events this year. My little nieces christening, my other nieces birthday, Ive stayed overnight at a posh hotel 4 times this year, had my parents Ruby Wedding anniversary, my own birthday and ofcourse Xmas and on every occasion Ive eaten just like everyone else has, but managed pretty much to keep within my points.

Ive dropped NINE dress sizes and am loving my new wardrobe, Ive never had so many clothes in my life. I happily wander round Tesco/Asda or the local shopping mall. I havent been out of breath in I dont know how long. I can get down on the floor and play with my nieces, and have a regular 'dinner date' with my 4 year old niece, something Id never have done a year ago.

My new uniform skirt is too big, this time last year it wouldnt go past my thighs, now I can put it on and take it off without unbuttoning or unzipping it.

I can see a nice new jawline emerging and I have a waist!!!!! My watch which has been languishing at the bottom of my jewellery box for years because it wouldnt fasten is now too big for me, and when Im sitting in someones car or on the sofa I no longer feel a huge big massive bulk.

Its such an amazing feeling when people comment on the change in me, both physically and in other ways too. Ive been told Im more confident in the way I walk, sit, and just generally act.

I hope to lose another 6 stones this year and life will really begin at 40. Im going away for my birthday in October with my best friend to a very nice, and very expensive hotel, and I plan on getting full value for money and use all the facilities – especially the pool. Who knows, maybe this year will be the year I feel confident enough about myself to look for Mr Right ;)

The support and encouragement Ive had from family & friends has been amazing and I couldnt have got here without them – and of course Minimins

So heres to 2007 & the changes it brought to my life and heres to 2008 and the changes it will bring too

Happy New Year
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All i can say is :wow:Well done!!!!!!!!! I was feeling a bit down with it all this evening :( Reading your story has made feel so much better
Thank you xx
What a wonderful post hun. How fantastic you must be feeling.

You have been such an inspiration to all of us on Minis.

Well done darling, and you WILL reach your goal!

Happy New Year and happy new you too xxxx
The most heartfelt congratulations to you Starlight - what an inspiration to the rest of us
what a great post and you have done so well ................ no matter what weight anybody starts at it can get you down ............but when we loose weight the high is fantastic ........ if only we could bottle it ..................... keep going susan xx
You deserve to be where you are and good luck for 2008. Well done.:)


Staff member
Congratulations and well done!!!

Fantastic Inspirational post Starlight!

Love Mini xxx

How totally inspirational, brought a tear to my eye!!

Well done just doesn't seem enough !


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