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extreme measures

hi all,
as many of you are aware i have had a nightmare of time in the last few weeks with not being able to 'go' to the toilet.
i tried virtually everything in the laxative department and was toying with more extreme ideas.
Well,after worrying all day yesterday about how i was going to ever manage to 'go' , i sat for hours researching castor oil, epsom salts, etc etc and was all set for my doctors appointment tomorrow to ask for fleet ( very hardcore remedy).
by 5pm yesterday i was not only suffering from serious tummy cramps (possibly from the high dose of milk of magnesia the night before) but i was feeling REALLY really depressed and about ready to throw the towel in.
so i decided i was going to try one last thing.
i was going to eat the one thing i know is a real danger zone for me BUT would definately trigger my IBS in the opposite direction........... home made, deep fat fried chips with beans (and a piece of turkey for that protein goodness :p).
and so thats what i had.
it was , i think a brave move because not only would it knock me out of ketosis BUT it meant caving into a food that is already one of my biggest weaknesses. could i be trusted to eat one smallish portion of chips and not want everyone elses?
hell yes i managed. i couldnt finish what i had.
i was left with crippling tummy ache and feeling very sick all night (2 positive signs of IBS in its process).
went to bed feeling lousy... woke feeling just as bad BUT after an hour i found myself paying a visit, then 30 minutes later making a return visit.
ive now spent most of the day visiting the toilet and although my stomach feels like its turning inside out right now at least im feeling like its worked (somewhat :eek:)
ive had to stay indoors as a result but i had nowhere to go today anyway. lol.
this morning showed a 4lb gain :eek: but i know that was water and with all the toilet trips so far it has already dropped by 3lbs:D.
not exactly sure where i go from here but definately feeling better right now
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glad you're feeling better hun.
you had to do what you had to do!

nothing worse than not being able to go x
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Glad you have been and i think what you ate is better than a dose of fleet. You can get yourself back on the wagon now xx
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Im so pleased for you!!!!!!! Glad your feeling better x x


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Glad things have 'moved' at last for you Cheryl.

It might be worth using the husks or Fibre89 once you're clear so you don't get into this horrible situation again, your CDC should be able to advise you more though. x


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Hooray! I totally sympathise with you - I also have problems in the loo department, so much that sometimes I think I can't do this just because of how horrid it makes things. I do try to have 4-6 spoons of fibre powder each day(I add it to my first litre of water) but it doesn't always do the trick.

Well done on finding a "natural" solution!:)
ty all for the kind words.
i have used fibre89 from day one and movicol every 2 days.
from now on im going to use 4 times the fibre89 recommended dose and movicol every 2 days.
i dont know what else i can do.
if this happens again i will just have eat chips again (oh the hardship, lol)
i guess im just a person who laxatives of all descriptions (except Fleet) has no effect whatsoever.
hi cheryl... i totally sympathise.. i am starting SS on sat and im so scared as im a consipated person anyway and movical usually does nothing for me!! i have tried everything in the past and had a colonic once and she said i was the worst case she had ever seen! (as in not much moving...bowel so sluggish) and i know as you do that fatty food like pizza etc and booze is the best to get mine going but i dont want to use it as an excuse not to diet so am giving it a go.
oohh i hope that happens to me just for a change... maybe its all the water for you?!


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Glad you are feeling more comfortable now Cheryl - I read your earlier post and just didn't know what you should do, IBS is a difficult enough condition to manage without the added CD factors.
Just very pleased you have sorted this out - and without the use of 'super' laxatives.
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Glad you feel better hun. Funnily enough, i had a unusual toilet day. I don't really suffer too bad, and can 'go' although it may take days. I had two large americano coffees today and within 1-2 hrs couldn't stay off the loo! I was gobsmacked, and not too impressed as i was not at home......! I'd heard others say this affects them but never really thought it could be that drastic. Its a ahme something so simple won't work for everyone.
Secretly a bit pleased now as have WI tomorrow so it may just have helped!!! xx

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