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confusion of the 5g rule?


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hi guys,why do i feel like im going round in circles lol ok,so the 5g 15g rule thing,in english does this mean that as long as i eat no more than 15grams of fat each meal i should be ok?

ive been shopping for food today and i checked everything i picked up and i didnt get anything over 5grams of fat,so am i doing the right thing?

have had a disaster day,i went for a blood test that never happened,i have terrible veins and they couldnt get the blood so im sore and fed up :cry: my doctor is testing me for thyroid problems amongst other things.i never had weight problems til i had my second child,i barely eat anything and the weight piles on and wont go,ive tried everything going so this is my last resort,xenical diet starts monday! :)
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Hi Bunny and welcome. You seem to have the gist of the rules fine. Don't eat any food that contains more than 5g of (total) fat per 100g and try to eat less than 15g of fat per meal, the less the better in fact. Good luck with the new start,



Violet is shrinking
im think whats confusing me is the 5gs in 100gs..if i can have 15gs each meal,then i shouldnt need to bother about the 5gs in 100g,is that right? or if i just want say for example 1 single thing to eat such as a packet of crisps does the 5g in 100g apply then?..im not even going to start counting other stuff,that would lead to migraine hell lol

thanks for your help
I'm afraid you have to look at both... even if you're under 15g for the meal, the 5g per 100g rule still applies.

Any food that you eat (including individual items) should contain no more than 5g fat per per 100g...and the 15g is the upper limit per meal.

A small amount of fatty food on its own can just as easily cause side effects as a big fatty meal I'm afraid...that's because Xenical is all about proportions/balance as well as total amounts of fat.

hope this helps


Violet is shrinking
hi Alex,i promise im not this thick in real life lol..whats the best way for me to work it all out?do you think i should weigh things out? just to double check that im doing this right,

if i have a a can of beans, it says they are 3gs of fat per 100g..i can have 200gs of beans to equal 6gs of total fat, then ive got 9gs of fat left in that meal? is that right?

can i eat as much fat free food as i want?

thank you sooooooo much for all the help,i dont know where i'd be without your help,probably banging my head against the wall ;-)
Don't worry - you're not being thick at all!

You're completely right with the beans calculation, so it sounds like you've got it sussed :D

Most of the time you don't have to do much working out/weighing and measuring for yourself, as a lot of packets will give you both measurements as standard - amount of cals/fat per 100g AND for the whole packet, so you just have to make sure both are within the guidelines, and away you go!

As far as fat-free foods are concerned, they won't give you any problems with the Xenical, but it does help to keep a vague eye on calories as some low-fat foods can be quite high in sugar.

MyFitnessPal.com has quite a few handy tools on there, including a food diary that you can fill in and calculate how many calories/how much fat you're having for the day.

Don't be too daunted though, at the beginning you'll have to read a LOT of packets to get used to what you can and can't have, but before long it'll become second nature, I promise!

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Violet is shrinking
:clap::clap: yay,i finally cracked the rules :) i'll definitely check out my fitness pal,thanks for that.i think keeping some sort of record will help me to keep on track.

i struggle with portions,so i think i may use frozen veg at first as they have the details on the back of the packs.

im guessing i need to stay under 1500 calories too then?ive seen the fat free yoghurts and weight watchers puddings that have quite low amounts of fat in then, but thanks for reminding me about the calories.

ive just read your journey so far,its great that people here are so honest,once i get into this i may put my own story up :)

i did read you rely a lot on low fat ready meals,and bulk up with veg,thats a great idea!!cooking is a bit of a pain for me,im a fussy eater so im definitely going to give that a go too!

thanks again for all the help :)
You're more than welcome :)

I know some people don't count both calories and fat, but I know I'd go way overboard on sweet treats and alcohol if I didn't keep an eye on both...
As far as how many calories you need in a day, that depends on your current weight/height and how much exercise you do. There's a tool on MyFitnessPal to work out that too (honestly, I'm not on commission from them!).
I try to stay under 1500 per day, but I don't beat myself up too much if I go slightly over that.

I do rely a lot on ready-meals, partly because the fat/calories are on the box, so I know exactly what I'm having, but also because I find it sooo difficult to control my portions if I cook from scratch. I do bulk them up with veg, which meals I stay fuller for longer, and I don't feel too guilty for eating processed food.

Thanks for popping in on my diary :) I tend to spill all the details of my life on there so I know it's a bit of a ramble!


Violet is shrinking
Thanks so much for all the help :)

i think for the first few weeks im just going to keep watch on the fat grams, then once im up and running i'll keep any eye on calories and carbs :)

those diaries are a great idea,and you didnt ramble,its nice to hear peoples stories. i think im going to start my own,anything to help me on my way :D

thanks again!

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