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considering another go at LT for a week or two


a new way of living!
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Hi everyone,

Well I vowed never to do LT ever again (I found it hell, but it worked) and here I am - over a stone heavier than when i finished!

When I stopped LT before, I managed to stay the same weight for about 3 months, then I gained over xmas, and have never really regained control since.

So, I am thinking of shifting this stone + a bit with LT again, and then eating to lose another stone, and then maintain.

It is so hard to maintain when you have indulgences, it is so hard to get back on track after, and so hard to lose anything you put back on!


so disappointed in myself, I guess I see LT as a bit of a punishment really. A telling off to myself!

Anyone had the same thing happen to them?

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I'm sorry to hear that you've gained all that you worked so hard to achieve, that's the fear for 99% of all slimmers.....getting there is easier than keeping it all off. But the good news is, that you are willing to get back on board. You know that you have to work through the "pain barrier" of a few days to a couple of weeks before you start feeling great.....but we are all here for support. Good Luck.


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I've not had the same happen no but one thing i will say to you is clearly you havnt been able to learn to control your eating if you feel you need to do this again.

Are you seeing LT as a quick fix? if so its pointless and a complete waste of time, effort and money on your behalf.

What i will say though is whilst you are on LT think about your eating habits and whats wrong with them.

They are priority and they need to be addressed. LT itself wont do this for you - you have to.

LT is there to help you lose weight but also to give you time to learn where your eating habits went wrong and how you can steer away from that in the future.

Eating again after your LT will really test you - if again you fall back into eating habits clearly you need to really think about why again you have fallen off the track.

That being said welcome and good luck with your restart.
I have heard it is very difficult.


I will be skinny again!!!
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Im trying to maintain!

Have had a 3lb gain so far (lost 1lb of it )

It will be difficult, Im feeling my old habits coming back to life again to be honest with you :(


a new way of living!
S: 12st11lb C: 11st8.5lb G: 8st3lb BMI: 29.7 Loss: 1st2.5lb(9.22%)
thanks guys and well done on your losses.

I am still 18lbs lighter than when i started LT, and no longer obese, which is great, but i need to keep weight in check as a) I have a back prob (just had surgery) and b) I am short and look gross when i am fat! lol.

I was really good at self control, until xmas, then after a few days of indulgance, i just couldn't seem to stop myself eating (and drinking) the wrong things. I do eat healthily, just too much, and like chocolate a bit too much!

also - I have an underactive thyroid, so i gain weight really easily, I have proved I can lose it too, but yeah its the maintaining!

I think I will just have to accept that I cant eat treats on top of meals everyday, my body just wont use up the calories, espec as I have only been out of a wheelchair for about 4 weeks, my exercise is still limited to gentle walking.

thanks again for the welcome :)


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
S: 19st6lb C: 11st6lb Loss: 8st0lb(41.18%)
Yup treats are fine but in moderation and more so if you cant exercise much at the minute. Maybe when you can you can have a little extra treat! ;) lol

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