Cook from frozen chicken

Discussion in 'Dukan Diet' started by FinallyMotivated, 10 February 2013 Social URL.

  1. FinallyMotivated

    FinallyMotivated Full Member

    It's so much cheaper but I'm stuck on ways to cook it... Any ideas much appreciated!
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  3. sididd

    sididd Gold Member

    salt and pepper chicken, or into tin foil with any herbs you fancy xxx
  4. Zoesastar

    Zoesastar Silver Member

    I know u can cook it from frozen but it the options are far greater if you defrost it then add it to a curry or marrinate it in something
  5. FinallyMotivated

    FinallyMotivated Full Member

    I've tried defrosting it first... Really didn't taste good :(
  6. dukannotsofatty

    dukannotsofatty Gold Member

    i found that too, I googled a lot of recipes when I was first doing dukan. Worth a look.
  7. FinallyMotivated

    FinallyMotivated Full Member

    I haven't been able to find any recipes? :(
  8. dukannotsofatty

    dukannotsofatty Gold Member

    googling chicken recipes? A lot of recipes that will call for it to be a breast or fillet will be able to be cooked the same way, just follow the times as per the bag. Its only when it calls for chunks that it would be harder.

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