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Cooking for others?

Is anyone else cooking for other people? I am finding it quite easy i was dreading it at first, not that i dont think what im cooking looks nice and smells good but i dont want it.

I am cooking a chocolate cake for a friend and every time i got a bit on finger i just wiped it off, noramlly when i make cakes i make a cupcake tin so i can eat it without ruining the cake.

This diet is amazing i never thought i could just leave food alone for so long!

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That is really good! I really think i would struggle doin a chocolate cake, especially as mine taste so good...he he. I have my oh and daughter to feed and it was so hard when i 1st started but i think im getting used to it now, i did a gorge (well it smelt) beef borginion last night, and was so tempted to steal some, but i keep thinking of losing ketosis if i cheat. its not like other diets where one mouthful wont matter, wel thats prob y i am where i am.lol.:)
The only weak ish moment i have had is icing the cake lol but the smells of food dont seem to make me want to eat, like i made this heinz jar of mediteranian tomato bake this and i was sniffin it for ages not cos i wanted to eat it it was just a nice smell lol!
I know what you mean lol, me too I'm cooking for 3 people and the 1st day was really hard but now I'm ok apart from tasting if the salt is ok or not
oh yeah, i av to av a little taste to make sure its ok for my baby, i hope thats allowed. ha ha.xx
I find it wasy too, made my family a lovey dinner and wasnt tempted at all - i find it a pleasure cooking and sometimes im bothered by it and have to have something while im cooking biut over all im ok.
My fiance thinks that Christmas has come early since i've been doing CD! Before I started I would only make us food that we both liked but now he's getting all of the stuff which I hated (and therefore wouldn't cook) but he loved!

I swear, making some of this food is really encouraging because I know the option is CD or the minging stuff in the pan in front of me. I know what i'd choose!

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