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cooking issues

i'm only on the second week of slimming world and really enjoying it, except that i can't cook. so far i have tryed a casorole in the slow cooker after 8 hours the veg was still hard (note to self cut veg smaller), then there was a chicken curry which ended up with no flavour and watery :sigh: think i need to get more practice in :beam: my poor husband and kids they'll starve at this rate lol

any advice would be great
nico xx
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Have you got any SW cook books?? they are all pretty good and just follow them and they should work. Cooking is just practice.
there are tons of good recipes on here, have a hunt for things you like and get practicing


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the slow cooker is good but you could microwave the veg for 5 minutes before putting it in the casserole dish and then slow cook - or in an overproof casserole dish and put in the oven.

Don't give up. Healthy tasty meals will soon be yours with a bit of practice.

As the previous poster said, get the cook book and follow the recipe to the letter and you should have good results.

Good luck.
Yes you can cook. Well, you can learn to cook. And like anything else you learn to do it is a matter of reading the instructions, following them to the letter, asking for help if necessary, and practising as much as possible.

Go to your local bookshop or public library (free!) and look for a basic cookery book - Delia Smith is a good writer to start with. Don't get books by restaurant chefs - with very few exceptions these are not easy to follow for a beginner. Get books with pictures so you can see what you are aiming for, but don't worry if your efforts don't look that pretty!

There are lots of SW recipes on this website, on the official SW website, in the magazine and SW books.

Don't leave it until five minutes before you need to start cooking - read through the recipes well in advance, choose a recipe you can understand, get your ingredients, read the recipe again, and have a go.

If anything doesn't make sense to you - well, there are a lot of people here who will be very happy to answer your questions. Doesn't matter if you think they are daft questions - we all have to start somewhere!

Slowly build up a list of simple things that you can cook - this will give you confidence to try something more complicated.

And when you do have more confidence, then get your husband and children to do some cooking too. It is one of the most useful things for anyone to learn.

Good luck - in no time you will be enjoying it!!


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As others have said there are many great recipes on this site. Start off with a few and keep trying them that's how I started years ago. You will soon build up a repetoire of dishes that you will be able to cook almost on automatic pilot. Then the fun starts when you begin experimenting. The good thing about cooking as opposed to baking is that you don't have to be so precise in your measurements. I just throw things in now and it seems to work out for the most part - though in the early days I had some read disasters - I'll never live my rubberized meat loaf down. I think my OH is still proping open the garage door with it :eek: Once you get some basic cooking principles under your belt you will be well away. For example it's amazing what a spoon full of sugar (low cal of course) can make to most any dish! And you can always add more but it's hard to take away.

One thing about SW is it does encourage you to eat a a more diverse range of healthier foods and become more adventurous in the kitchen. And moving away from all the over processed crap we are bombarded with in the supermarket can never be a bad thing both for ourselves and our loved ones.

Good luck! :D


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another idea, is also to watch the cookery programes on TV, especially if you have Sky. The food channels have them on all the time. Again the Delia smith set of three 'How to cook' books also went with a TV series, showing you exactly how to do it. They are a good set of books, The oracle i call them! if there is something i dont know, i'll look it up in Delia!

I love cooking and watch cooking shows daily, its suprising how much you can pick up, you'll up with the lingo in now time, (you just gotta not be tempted by all the high fat goodies they make!) once you start getting the hang of it you'll know how to adapt the high syn recipes into SW meals.

Then just practice practice practice


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ha ha keep trying, i'm not the best cook and normally ruin it the first time around ! xx
thanks all i will keep practicing the rest of the family could always have beans on toast if it don't work out lol

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