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"Cooling down" a curry?


No Coffee, No Workee
Hi all :)

I made a fabulous curry for us tonight - a chicken tikka massala - made from scratch using curry paste and all that jazz.

It was really wonderful, but I'm having problems with the issue of cooling it down a little if you get my drift.

The recipe calls for 6 tbsp natural yogurt (no problem there, I substituted the fat free stuff), 7 tsp white sugar (no problem, used Splenda instead) and then... a quarter of a pint of single cream...!

Tonight I just didn't bother with the cream, left it out altogether - so the resulting curry was very nice but very... um, lively! :giggle:

There's only so much yogurt you can add before it starts to affect the taste of the curry itself - so does anybody have any other suggestions as to what else could be used to subdue the heat a little bit?

Thanks in advance everyone, hope you're all having a lovely Friday night. :)
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Maybe add some tomatoes to it to thin the spices out a bit. I would normally say add some yoghurt, but like you say - you can only add so much!


Minimins is the best!
creme freche???
or you could buy a little jar of the mint dip that u get in restaurants, cant remember what its called, but its only yoghurt and mint and you could have it on the side rather than adding it all...save on the syns...! or make your own????
Passata or tinned tomatoes will do the trick Hun!!
Also, sugar takes the heat out of curry and chillies...so perhaps more splenda? I don't know if that works the same though....
I'd substitute half the cream for a good quality can of chopped tomatoes as they will be sweeter and a tub of natural yoghurt or creme fraiche. Cut back on the cury paste as well and add a chopped fresh pepper as theya re sweet tasting.


No Coffee, No Workee
Thank you all so much for your ideas, I'll give some of them a go next time round. You're brilliant, you are! :D
well i made a turkey and chilli tomato pasta sauce and put farr too much chillis in so i added a couple of tbsp of quark did not affect the flavour but turned it v creamy mmmmm


No Coffee, No Workee
I'll keep that one in mind as well, thanks Ronnie :D

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