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Coping strategies with family not on LT!

Anyone got any coping strategies on doing LT with family who won't understand? I'm visiting my parents this week (I have to hop islands so I don't see them often enough :wave_cry:). I've always have food problems when I visit (though this time I will have sachet supplies - 2wks worth weighed a ton!). Sure it's going to be hard getting their heads round this way of eating. Any tips to get it across without making them feel bad that this thirty something hasn't been looking after herself??
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just be honest and explain that you feel you need to do this for you and that it will make you feel better, tell them if you start to feel ill or have concerns then you will stop, that what I said to my family and it worked good luck x


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From one islander to another, tell them that your Doctor has recommended the diet and is monitoring you on a weekly basis. I've used that line a couple of times and it's stopped people lecturing me on things they know very little about. Which island are you hopping too?
Hi Lou - back to the UK. I'm no crapaud, but I've been here about 9 years and have a Jersey passport wielding bf so I'm getting there! I haven't seen them for over 5 months (life's got in the way, job's been horrifically busy and getting off the rock has been extortionate). I get really guilty being here (all family is back "home") so I end up doing the headless chicken bit trying to fit everyone in. But I've lost 18lb in 3 weeks so I don't want to stop now!!! It's just starting. I was made redundant last month, but have managed to get offered a new job starting on 26 May so I just cashed in some BA miles (flight was £163 otherwise:rant2:) to fly out 2morrow. Need a bit of family support at the mo - I suppose all the good things are happening but I need to get a bit of balance.


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I've still got a lot of family back in the UK so I know what you mean about the headless chicken thing :giggle: I hope your trip goes well, I'm sure if you tell your family how much you've lost so far and how important it is to you to stick to it they'll give you all the support you need. Enjoy your trip :)
Hey hun I am in Jersey too hi... I would let them know you are being monitered and then say that you are doing this to be happy and you know they want you to be happy, so you would be greatful for their support, it won't be easy for them but remember this is your decision and you are doing this to 'get better'

I hope it goes ok

Anna x

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