core plan soup


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Hi everyone, I am coming off Cambridhe diet after 7 stone in a few weeks and want to lose 1 more stone with ww. I am planning ahead, and hope to follow the core plan. Does anyone know of any shop bought soups that are allowed on core?
Thanks. i am sure I will be around a lot shortly picking your brains if that is ok! I just want to get the last bit of weight off using a healthy eating plan i can use for life!
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I think ww soups are ok on core :)


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any non-creamy ones, so like your covent garden tomato and basil, chilli bean etc.. as long as they're not high in calories.. the covent garden ones are actually REALLY nice..

in general i've never had a problem with soups - i get the heinz BIG soups, and have a whole tin and a couple of ryvitas with philadelphia light and salad on them.. and i've always been okay - as for you if you only have a stone to goal (i have another 5ish..) maybe half a tin or something? I think its batchelors do the healthy choices soups - they'd be okay for Core - carrot and coriander etc.. :)