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Hi Ladies. Happy New year to you all!! I'm a frequent lurker here on these forums. I have said hi before but it was a wee while ago. I have lost 5 stone on LL finishing 3 months ago, but returned to counting points for a while in an attempt to keep an eye on things. It's all gone really well so far, but as expected for this time of year I've gained 3lbs over xmas, I am thrilled with this as normally I gain a lot more and my attitude to the food was different. I am really bored of counting points as I have for years on and off, losing 2 stone then gaining it all back..and a little bit extra.

Although I am starting 2009 at a much healthier weight and mindset, I have decided to have a go at the Core plan to see if I can get these 3lbs off again and maintain the weight. Can anyone tell me how successful the core plan is when you have so little to lose and maintain?

Many thanks everyone :)
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I only did the core plan for 2 weeks when I was using too many of my points in rubbish. It works very well but now there is the new Discover Plan which bring both plans together.

I think some may still be using the core plan though

Irene xx


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i'm still doing core - or Simply Filling as it's now known. i've still got a way to go yet so can't comment on how it works for maintenance but it's worth a try, especially if you want a break from counting points x
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I think Core would be good to maintain on as it encourages healthy eating in 3 meals a day and discourages snacks except fruit/veg or ww fruitie sweets. You get an extra 35 points for treats per week when on maintenance, as opposed to 21 when trying to lose.
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Thanks Sue, that's really helpful as I didn't realise that you could have the fruit/veg snacks...I thought you only got your three meals and I did find that off-putting! Will give it a go and see how it goes :) xxx