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I am starting the cambridge diet on Monday and have bought a week's supply of various things - it seemed to work out at £2.15 an item - is that what other people are paying ?

Also, although my counsellor seemed nice I am not sure that I really clicked with her - I will obviously give her a go over the next few months but was wondering whether anyone has any recommendations for a counsellor based either in central london or in se1

I know that I can go to the cambridge web site and ask them but it is often more useful to get a personal recommendation

Hiya Monty

As all counsellors are self employed they can in theory charge what they wish.

The recommended retail price from Cambridge for a standard pack is £1.55.

£2.15 an item does sound very high to me and I would question whether this is correct with your counsellor.


Yeah.. prices do vary!! And I thought my counsellor charged me a lot at £1.80!!
Did you get any extras, water flavours or poo powder, or mix a mousse
That may have bumped the price up?
I've just worked mine out and I pay £1.55 a pack. I have enough for 2 weeks and only get weighed every 2 weeks. Hoping to get some water flavourings and bars next time so that may change the price.
lol had to laugh at the poo powder - vicky!!

Mine works out as £1.55 per pack too - £2.15 seems really steep. Let us know the outsome :)
Hi everyone - thanks for your various responses - it sort of confirmed what I thought and has rather reinforced my reservations....still

I am starting the diet tomorrow and think that I will just concentrate on getting through the first week!

Thanks again
Do let us know how it goes Monty, and always worth talking to your CDC about things, including her pricing structure :)
Good Luck Monty, remember we are all here x
Good on yer Monty...keep your "prize" in focus and everything else will sort itself out! Looking forward to hearing more about your journey...:)
Weekly I pay one set price for 21 meals which include a mixture of shakes, bars, soups and tetra packs for £32. Everything else is at extra cost.
I'm like Jemax - I'm £32.50 whether I have bars, shakes or tetras but pay extra for the mixamousse and water flavourings.

Lynne x
Ditto Piper and Jemax .... £32.50 for the basic 21 meal pack whether they're shakes, soups or bars.
I charge £33 for 21 items of bars, tetra's & pack's.

Counsellors pay more for the bars & tetra's so some CDC's charge more for these.

Other items are priced individually. I have a price list detailing everything & I let all customers know what everything costs.

I think it is important to know how your CDC structures their pricing & it is also important you click with them as they should be part of your journey.

CDC Swindon
I pay £32 a week for x3 shakes/soups/tetras a day, never bought the bars so not sure how much they are.