Cambridge Diet Really Ketosis?


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I know the Cambridge Diet is trying to veer off from the main idea that the diet is in Ketosis, but they still state that you will enter it if strictly on the 3 pouches a day.

depicted in the nutritional information on some of the products, for example the Strawberry shake there is over 20g of carbohydrates, meaning a total of 60 per day (roughly)

I don't understand how with that amount of carbohydrate in your diet you are meant to enter into ketosis. Current guidelines obviously vary, but it's on average about 20g of carbohydrates a day.

I started the CD 3 shakes a day (last monday) after about 2 months of a Keto diet. (was eating too many calories on that although basically no sugar) And was always in ketosis. However, now I find myself dipping in and out of ketosis constantly.

Was hoping someone could shed some light on this for me, as I'm feeling a bit disheartened. Thanks all! :(:confused:
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They are distancing themselves from being a keto diet as they’re not at all. So I wouldn’t concentrate on that. Weight loss follows due to the restriction of calories alone really.