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Could it be my hormones??????


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Hi there, I am losing weight .............but its coming of very very slowly, even though (i promise you) I am sticking to the plan 100%. In fact I LOVE this plan and I don't feel I want to stop it. But my trouble is, I lose about 2lbs one week, then put on say 1.5 the next week, then maybe the following week, lose 3lbs. It's really taking 2 steps forward, one step back.

If I wasn't concentrating wholly on the diet I would understand, but like I said I'm on it 100 per cent.:angel09:

Could it be my hormones, or am I doing something wrong that I'm somehow missing.

I know this sounds silly, but the weeks I do more exercise is when I seem to put on the weight, or at the time of my periods ( i have endometriosis )

Please someone out there - enlighten me!! :lost:
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Mine is also coming off very slowly! I lost 2lbs one week, then the next only )0.5lbs,then 2lbs, then 0.5lbs. Been like this now for 5 weeks, it is such a rollercoaster isnt it. 2lbs feel elated, then the week after when I have only lost 0.5lbs I feel cheated because I have been 100% on plan. Others say they went out for meals, havent stuck to plan, and still manage to lose more than me. I feel its unjust at the time, but I suppose its just how our bodies work.TOTM wont help, I used to gain at least a couple of lbs when I was having periods. Perhaps you could post a food diary on here for others to see if there is any way they can help. Keep on going, you will get there!
I'm slow too, I've had hormond problems for years and my medications don't help, but if you are sticking to it, then it will come off. I sometimes get disheartened, but am playing the long game, and don't let a small loss or a gain put me off anymore. It's not about this week, it's about the rest of forever and there are lots of us in the same boat and together we will beat this.

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