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Could not be more F*CKED off!!!

I've just come from weigh in and I've maintained this week. In itself not terrible news but when you factor in that I have exercised every single day - twice a day on some occasions and haven't had any off plan meals I am furious. :mad: :cry: :cry: :cry:

I couldn't stay to image therapy I was so angry. I'm not going to binge and wreck everything - butternut squash and pea tagliatelle for dinner (teensy baby smile) but I just can't think where I went wrong.

I am so upset. I was confident that I had lost, I felt like I had and I genuinely thought I was getting my 3.5 st sticker tonight - I thought I was going to be ruddy slimmer of the week!!! What a nob I am!

There will be no bingeing tonight and I will do food diary this week as well.

Please guys, say some nice things to me...:wave_cry:
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Hi Roop :hug99:

You have been eating healthily and exercising all week. That is a GOOD week in my book! So you didn't lose weight. Do you feel better? Are you more toned? Did you get a happy head when you were exercising? Maybe you have lost size instead of weight.

My money is on you retaining a bit of water due to your exercise. Have another good week and I predict a fab loss next week *polishes crystal ball*

Butternut squash and pea tagliatelle sounds lush :drool:
Oh roop how infuriating, and crazy upsetting!! I feel your pain. I also completely agree with sausage, you are doing so so well and are fitter and healthier and in control. What incredible achievements. Hang on in there, it will happen!!!
Thank you both so much. I feel a bit better now. Will have an aromatherapy shower and have my dinner.

Hiya :)

Just wanted to drop by and add that you aren't alone! I rarely lose if I've been exercising but I feel loads better and those inches are just as good as those pounds in loss!

Keep up the good work- next week will be a big loss, your body will catch up with all of the effort and you will be rewarded.

Chin up!! Xx
I went through something very silimar about a month ago. I did the fishy week, excersised loads and was convinced that Id lost loads. Id maintained and was furious! I was in tears at group. I stuck to plan the next week and at the following WI Id lost 5lbs and got SOTW!!! It had taken a week to show up so I was so pleased.

I hope that the same thing happens to you, well done for sticking with it and good luck for next week! xxx
Thank for the support. Fingers, toes, eyes and arms crossed I can do what you did!

It was so weird cos I was sure I'd lost loads. I've had a word with myself though now and I'm ok with it. I was putting too much pressure on myself, its a friends wedding in Spain in two weeks time and I had a goal in mind for the wedding but shizz happens at the end of the day and even if I only achieve half of what I wanted to lose by then my body will still have changed shape. I will still look better even if I'm not actually lighter. (trying hard to convince myself -they really need a smillie for that!)

I have decided to do a couple of success express days this week as well to help myself along as well - every little helps!
hi I know exactly what you mean. some weeks I went in expecting massive loss and either have a small loss or sts or a gain. other weeks dreading the scales and a big loss. good on you though for not binging when you got home coz I bet most of us would have.

It should show this week so stick to it and you will get there. good luck
I find out tomorrow! I have the feeling that it may be another disappointing week even though it has been another mega good diet and exercise week.

I won't get annoyed though if I haven't - the bod is looking much better and I bought my first ever bikini yesterday! I still have a belly but I don't look too bad in this - my happiest clothing purchase since starting S/W!! :D

Flippin' eck, I didn't know that!
Yeah my friend told me that last week when i was just starting to spur me on that a pound is a good weight loss a week as thats how hard you have to work to lose it!
I just googled it and it does appear to be right. To lose one pound a week you have to have a deficit of 500 per day which equates to 3500 in a week. So super well done! :happy096:

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