Could someone look at this for me, have I messed up?

Mrs V

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You really need to eat more super speed food hun to make it an EE day that works. Get some more fruit and veg into you and you will be fine. You also need to make sure the bread is allowed as a HeB and also you will need to have a HeA. Try and eat more if you can as well, otherwise you are really going to be hungry and more likely to give into temptation.

Good luck!


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Hungry after have shepherd pie for dinner and a fry up for tea.
Im bloated lol Not used to eating this much!!
But yes I will try and put more veg in, as for fruit, only like bananas and grapes.
So the above food for today is ok on EE?


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it looks like you're getting the right make it even better you could have put two different veggies with the shephers pie and had some grilled toms with the fry up, also if you're not so great on fruit, maybe snack on carrot and celery sticks?


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It looks more like EE than red because you've had potato on the shep pie, beans and bread. If it was red the potato would have to be synned because you didn't eat the skins as they were mashed


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Thanks girls, i get my head round it.
As for taking skins off being diff between red a ee lmfao :D

I was just worried ive eaten too much today, even tho ive been to the gym, guess i like to eat well on gym days, need the energy!!