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craving salt?

Has anyone experienced a real craving for salt? am not thinking food here am not wanting crisps or peanuts but I feel I could almost kill for them simply because of the salt they would have on them..I am on day 12 haven't cheated at all just wondering why the salt thing has suddenly come on me in the last couple of hours.
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is loving the soup?!
Hmmm. Well you may be having less salt and it's just a reaction to that, because I assume LT only contains as much salt as we need. How much water are you drinking? I suppose it's technically possible you could have drunk so much/sweated some out so your body is low on salt. I would phone your pharmacist tomorrow and ask - and until then stick to no more than 4 litres at the absolute max. That's just my take on it - I'm no expert so wait and see what others say too xxx
is a small lick of salt likely to do any harm to the diet?? the need is getting stronger


is loving the soup?!
TBH, I expect I would have a lick, yes. I am tempted to think if you're craving it, your body needs it. But if you do that, definitely call the pharmacist tomorrow! AND DON'T EAT THE WHOLE POT! : )
Do you feel ill at all?
Feel great rachel am loving the diet people are even saying about how good I look just this little thing that has come on me...not craved anything else have had willpower of steel that isn't like me...determined to make my 3 weeks first target and then my 12 weeks....am going to have a lick and see if it settles but no not the pot lol thank you x


is loving the soup?!
hope it helps hon - loving your weight loss! xxx
am laughing here for real just sprinked a little and licked it I can't believe how bad the need was..I mean hell if you are going to have a craving surely something a little more traditional like chocolate or something would be better..I always have to be different...thanks rachel am loving my weight loss too have struggled so many times to shift anything more than half a stone with WW & slimming world etc this just seems to be working for me now...will simply concentrate on one week at a time:)
had my salt craving over ...at least for now pheww
I have regular salt cravings and on the opposite side I am complaining that my drink sachets taste salty. I did think it was to do with ketosis however I've been checking my bp and blood sugar levels and have found it is apparant when my blood sugars/ bp are dropping - not for any sinister reason just the fact its late, I'm tired, I've gone too long between shakes or the most regular one is 4.00 after getting from work and school.
I have a lower than average bp so I usually just "follow my body" and take a shake rather than salt and that usually does the trick.

I did check with the chemist but he wasn't very helpful.

Good luck in sorting it
with love julie
I had a cheat a while back of a bag of ready salted hoola-hoops. And I had a really awful salty taste in my mouth afterwards, the salt was almost over powering, made me feel quite ill. The taste buds have definitely been cleansed, and think the things I liked before will now taste disgusting - but suppose that is no bad thing as it's the things I liked to eat before that got me 4-stone overweight!! Lol

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