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cravings!!! help!!!


Silver Member
hey i m all confused. I have for the past 4 days had no cravings for sweet stuff not had anything carby been sticking to my meat and salads but all of a sudden i really want something sweet and have a strong urge to go buy something sweet!!

It must be psychological grrrrrrr
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I was the same, I got to day 5 and its was almost unbearable!

Hang in there, it does pass

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
i bought suppliments recomended on a yhread here and they helped , chromium and l glutamine xx
Hi, have you tried sugar free jelly with a little cream? I have it now just as an occasional treat and it curbs my sugar fix!
How you feeling today Debs?


Silver Member
i'm feeling fine today. i had some sugar free jelly i know you shouldnt stricktly speaking on inducton but was better than a mars bar. its funny i thought this diet woyuld be a nightmare when away from home but its actually easier than most i have done. i havent caved yet that will be a week tomorrow.

Debs x
You wont cave either because it just becomes easier and part of your lifestyle - well it has mine, I wouldn't dream of eating carbs!
Good for you debs, you need to change your diet info at the bottom, it still says slimming world. :)


Happy to be slim at last
I agree with TT that it just gets easier! Once you get into a routine with any diet plan, you don't want to give in.

Well done for hanging in there and not reaching for the chocolate. :D


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yeah i m fine managed to avoid the mashed potatoes at my b/f mums. I made the mousse and jelly which lasted me whilst everyone was having puddings so all in all i have done not to bad.

Made mashed cauliflower and my neice who has just turned 1 munched it with me infact shared everything i ate so i just need to take her home for a week and i ll loose a stone lol

Debs x
LOL debs, so your little niece is into healthy eating already then. :D


Silver Member
Lol Jim, My niece is into eating absolutely anything as long as it is off someone elses plate lol.

Debs x

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